Andrea Dudette, Episode 27
Podcast - Listener Spotlight
Tuesday, 03 March 2009 03:24


Name: Andrea Marcela Miranda Atenas
Nickname/Forum name: Andrea Dudette
Location: Santiago. Chile
Occupation: Architecture & what have you.
Personal websites, blogs, MySpace, etc:
Hobbies: Oh, you know, the usual, music, movies, books, walking around, friends.
Best piece of Lebowski memorabilia:  My Dude action figure and my Roller t-shirt.
Favorite Lebowski character: The Dude and Maude.
Besides they have totally opposite personalities, I love The Dude’s points of view. I think he’s the friend I’ve always wanted to have, I have learned so many things on a more spiritual level from The Dude, but also, as a woman, I identify myself with some of Maude’s thoughts and I love the way she talks too!!!

Recent Dude moment: Drank an oat soda sitting in the sand with my special boyfriend, watching the sea on a beautiful beach, was a very abiding time, very far out.
How long have you been listening? Since 2007.
Favorite episode or podcast moment: Episode 16: Film Technicalities.
Well, to be honest, I have to listen the podcast several times due to idiomatic stuff.  SometimesI don't understand everything perfectly, others, I understand a lot better. What I like about this podcast is that in a certain way it gives answers to many things I like about the movie besides the characters.  As an example, I think the Dude's house scenography is incredible, I always look at every detail, the chairs, the table, the color of the lamp; sometimes I freeze frame scenes to see exactly what's in his apartment.  In the scene where he's doing tai-chi or yoga over the rug, we can see his vest folded over a chair. I like that. I also like all the dust on the floor.  The last detail I noticed is a sneaker on the small table during the police and "separate incidents" scene.
How does The Big Lebowski apply to your every day life?  Well, every time I feel like shit I remember The Dude. Until now it has been the perfect remedy for all my undude moments. Some people have to take some prozac pills to feel better, I remember The Dude’s point of view…and my troubles are over.

Are you a practicing Dudeist?  Ordained by the Church of the Latter - Day Dude since 2006.
How many times have you seen The Big Lebowski?  Um, About 30 times.
Best Bowling Score: Actually I don’t roll, I feel like an amateur here.
Favorite Lebowski book: The only book that I have: “I’m a Lebowski, You’re a Lebowski”
What is the best Lebowski reference or item you have seen in pop culture?  Lebowski  Fest.
What is your favorite movie with a Lebowski actor/actress in it? “Thunderball and Lightfoot”

Andrea Dudette is one of our long-time listeners from the great country of Chile.  We really appreciate people in other countries taking the time to listen to our podcast in a language that is not their native tongue.  Besides being an active listener to the podcast, you can also find Andrea on the Dudeism forums and the Lebowski Fest forums.  The picture at the top is from her recent vacation to Playa Larga de Quinty in Valparaiso, Chile.  The picture below is Andrea's own creation - a floorplan of The Dude's bungalow.







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