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Friend Links posted E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Saturday, 22 September 2007 14:54
I've created a new section in the Links area of our friends.  These are people who are linking to us and helping to spread the word.  We want to send a big thanks out to you.  If you'd like to be put on the list let us know.
New Fan Emails E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Friday, 21 September 2007 14:19

Hope your weekends have kicked off to a good start.  Posted a couple new fan emails.  You can find those under Contact Us from the main menu on the web site. 

If you're into memorabilia you might want to check out the Lebowski Action Figures from Entertainment Earth .

Dude sighting E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Friday, 21 September 2007 14:13
Hello Fellow Achievers,
I got a good story for you… A good friend of mine and fellow Coffee Drink Enthusiast… Well my good friend Bo (James Boyd Jr.) and his father Jim Bo (James Boyd Sr.) are from Rhode Island, home of Coffee Milk, which is a coffee syrup similar to the thickness of Hershey’s syrup but instead of being made of chocolate it is made of coffee.  Well it is usually use to make a Frappe’ which is like a coffee milkshake.  But coffee milk is the official drink of Rhode Island…  Well my friend Bo introduced me to Caucasians and Brown Caucasians back in the 90’s which could be served with or without alcohol as I have explained in the other e-mail.  Well the cool thing is that with some vodka, milk and autocrat brand coffee syrup you can make a russian/cacasion pretty easily… We usually add sugar or sweetener to the mix… I add either caramel (sugar free syrup) or the real thing to the mix which actually taste really good.

Anyway I am way off track, so here is my story… My friend Bo looks like Hyde from that 70’s show and his father to whom I call Sr., who everyone else including his son calls him Jim Bo….Jim Bo looks like Jeff the Dude Dowd except he wears his sun glasses every where in doors outside and wears flip flops shorts and Hawaiian pattern shirts every where…. And like all Rhode Islanders loves Coffee Milk…. As much as the dude loves Russians…. So Sr. (Jim Bo) is kind of a cross between Tommy Chong and Jeff Dowd… Kind a funny character… So I was over his house and he offered me a Caucasian as usual and I was telling him of the movie the Big Lebowski and how he is like the dude… He said “Who the F$%K is the dude?”… I said he is this guy like you who loves White Russians and Bowls… He replies “I hate Fuc%in bowling!”, I told him he just had to watch the movie… So we did and he really loves the movie… afterwards he said Kelley (that’s me), lets go out and do something, I was like what, h
 e said,
“uh…you know, F-It lets go play pool!”… You see he hates bowling but loves to go to pull halls, bars, well any place with a pool table… He likes the shi+y food and smoke… that Jim Bo is a character who does not smoke pot but smokes pipe tobacco in a hookah and in bongs… He says that you get more nicotine that way… Though not the dude he is akin to him in many ways… His son (Bo) has been a good friend of mine since I got out of High School and we both went to college together.  Our love of Kevin Smith movies, Lebowski, and Terintino Films (the early ones) is amazing, so much that my wife totally does not under stand the Tao/Zen/Pacifist Dudeness that these films bring… It is the case for laying back and taking life easy because it is way too short.  My father dies last year of a heart attack and it is the worst think I have witnessed in my life… He spent so much time helping others with out having too much fun… We always talked about doing fun stuff but that never happened… So
 I am
going to do just that… F-it, lets go bowling…  Like Lebowski Office Style!!!  Any who thanks for responding…

In the meantime, The Dude Abides!!!

Kelley aka Elduderino
Abiding at college E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Friday, 21 September 2007 14:11

One night I'm in my door room, just sitting at my desk on my computer,
when my roommate (who begs for his life in his sleep...seriously) comes
in and says that he met a guy down the hall who was going to come over
and play some videos games and I said that was fine with me. Moments
later, the guy comes in and his attention is immediately drawn to my
Big Lebowski poster than I put up over my bed. He walked over to it,
seemingly mesmerized, proceed to slowly run his hand over it, then
turned to me, smiled, and simply nodded. From that point on, we spent
the night playing Wii Bowling and quoting The Big Lebowski. I even got
the opportunity to do the Jesus dance after I bowled a strike. So now
we're planning on making some flyers and holding a Lebowski screening
in the dorm activity center as a way to kind of bring the Lebowski fans
together. It goes to show that there really is that "Lebowski
Connection" amongst the fans.

- Clay 

What-have-you E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Thursday, 20 September 2007 15:27

Not a whole lot going on.  Usually after getting an episode completed I try to take some time to breathe and keep an eye on the stats.  After the episode we were emailed, and afterwards remembered, the Dude does respond to Donny verbally when Donny tells the Dude his phone is ringing.  Sorry about that.  Minor correction.   Also in Lebowski news...

Donny Tribute hot off the press E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Wednesday, 19 September 2007 03:56
Did some editing last night and got everything posted this morning.  Episode 9 is ready for downloads.
Episode 9 recorded E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Monday, 17 September 2007 16:46
Episode 9 is recorded and "in the can" so to speak.  I was going to do the editing today after work, but a nap sounded so much better.  Neville Kiser was our special guest and Gunner and Sevier are back for the school year.  Gunner and I both revealed our Donny-theories and we also talked a bit about Average Shot Length (ASL) for films.
Episode 9 coming up E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Saturday, 15 September 2007 14:44
We're all set to record tomorrow afternoon.  We have a special guest lined up and there should be a few of the guys back that you haven't heard in a while.  Donny tribute will be online early next week.
Jeff Bridges in Iron Man E-mail
Written by Liz   
Thursday, 13 September 2007 05:02

I saw a trailer for Iron Man the other day.  I think Robert Downey, Jr. is great, and I always look forward to his movies.  What I didn't know until Chalupa told me is that Jeff Bridges is also in the movie.  IMDB lists his character as "Obadiah Stone/Iron Monger."  Can anyone tell me what that means?  I don't know anything about Iron Man.  That said, the trailer looked fun, and I'm interested in seeing it.



Back in Black E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Wednesday, 12 September 2007 16:04
Well, not really.  That was just my poor attempt at alluding to an ACDC song, however, Liz and I are back home and once again working to pay the bills.  While away on vacation I proudly wore my podcast shirt several times (I washed it - don't worry) and received some looks and stares.  Let us know if you're here cause you saw somebody wearing a shirt.
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