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Jeff Bridges in The Giver E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Monday, 02 April 2012 07:34

A while back we were hearing rumors about Jeff Bridges playing "The Giver" from the same-titled 1993 young adult/children's classic.  I remember reading it back in the day, a few years after our first conflict with Saddam and the Iraqis.  Sometimes you don't know if rumors or true or not, but it appears this one is more truth than fiction.


Bowling - kids could be doing worse things E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Saturday, 31 March 2012 12:47

As a follow up to presidential cadidate Rick Santorum, here's an article on Pete Weber and the contemporary history of bowling.  It's something that has persisted in many cultures for years and there are definitely worse things our children could be doing.  Since the resurgance of the professional sport a few years ago, hot heads like Weber are probably making a few more appearances in pop culture.  Even at his worst, I'd rather Chuck be watching Pete than WWE, VH1 reality shows, or being bullied by some kids at school.


Santorum on Bowling E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Thursday, 29 March 2012 09:09

It's that time of year again.  People have raised their hands to be President of the United States of America and now they must roll a few rocks in order to look like they can rub elbows with us common folk.  In a recent bowling outing, Rick Santorum made sure a young dude DID NOT use a pink bowling ball.  Why?  Because that's gay.  Now I'm not giving a direct quote here, I'm just paraphrasing what was really going on.  I don't think I want to vote someone into office who can't handle bowling with certain colors.  Does it really matter?  Seriously?  We're supposed to be above this.


Big thanks to Glenetta for bringing this to our attention.  This aggression will not stand.

TBL Reading E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Monday, 26 March 2012 22:27

Jason Reitman is staging a reading of the greatest movie ever.  Yes, you guessed it - The Big Lebowski!


Of course there's no way I'd make it to L.A. by March 29th, but I'm hoping someone I know is able to get in.

Jeff Bridges and Bernie Glassman Teaming Up E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Monday, 12 March 2012 12:52

Remember a long time ago when I was constantly talking about the Coen Koans?  Jeff Bridges, The Dude, and Bernie Glassman, the real-life Zen Master,had a blog where they laid out Buddhist/Zen teachings and backed them up with a "real life" example from The Big Lebowski.  I'm so glad to hear they're writing a book.  I'm sure it'll be worthwhile reading.


The book appears to be scheduled for a Fall 2012 release.  You can read a little more about it and its authors on pages 90 and 91 of the linked PDF.  If you're having trouble scrolling, just keep on scrolling...it takes a minute.


Missing episodes E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Tuesday, 06 March 2012 23:38

So the Chalupa's life got quite complicated and he forgot to post some episodes, fortunately Walter hasn't been waving his gun around.  The royal we just posted #59 for your enjoyment.  More episodes on the way soon.


Fargo hates Fargo? E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Saturday, 03 March 2012 15:52

I kind of always expected this - the mayor of Fargo, ND doesn't really like the Coen Brothers' first Oscar win of the same name Fargo.  I think most of us already know the film wasn't actually filmed in North Dakota.  It was mostly shot in Minnesota.  Interestingly enough, Fargo is the sister city of Moorhead, MN - the famed hometown of Fawn "Bunny Lebowski" Knutsen.  If you paid any attention to the picture DaFino pulls out of the family farm, it's obviously an image of a homestead in the Central Plains during the Dust Bowl.

Today Fargo, ND is the largest city in North Dakota and a center for business and education in the area.  Personally I'd like to visit sometime just to say I've been there.


Presidential Bowling E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Monday, 20 February 2012 14:01

In honor of President's Day here in the US, here are some great photos from the White House Museum of the presidential bowling alley.  The lanes were first created under Harry Truman, but weren't really popular until Presidnet Nixon came into office.  I sincerely hope President Obama has been practicing.

President Nixon bowling


Dudesong available to purchase E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Thursday, 09 February 2012 15:14

Dudes!  I just got off the email with Phil Wells, author of Dudesong.  You might remember him from Episode 41 - Dudesong.  Turns out his creation is now available on Amazon.  I just ordered two copies and suggest you at least consider getting one copy for your personal Lebowski library.  The book is modestly priced at $18 and will be sure to keep you entertained for an entire unplanned layover in a crappy section of LaGuardia airport.

The Big Data Lebowski E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Thursday, 09 February 2012 00:00

The Big Data Lebowski?  I can only imagine what Donny would say after learning about this...

Big data apparently has similar identity issues to what The Dude experienced; are we talking about the millionaire or the deadbeat?  The word data has been grossly overused in the technology industry and it's apparently coming back to haunt a few of us nerd types.  I said "us" because I'm one of them. 

The Data Abides.


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