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Sloppy Joe's Name E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Tuesday, 26 June 2007 00:27

One of our good friends, Sloppy Joe, wrote in to tell us the origin of his name.

This is an enquiry e-mail via http://lebowskipodcast.com from:
Sloppy Joe

Chalupa commented on the origin of this nick name and I thought I would delay responding until I knew about his.
But, since the story is not that interesting, I did not want to create an air of drama and intrigue then bore everyone.
In my younger days, I was able to do a fairly accurate Axel Rose impression.  I had the nasally voice and goofy dance down. It was the hit of parties (after everyone was a bit liquored up).  Adam Sandler then came out with a song about the lunchlady (Lunchlady Land) and he does a very good Axel in that song when he sings about the lunchlady's friend, Sloppy Joe.
My friends heard that, remembered my Axel Rose and started calling me Sloppy Joe, Slop, Sloppy Joe.  It has stuck ever since.
Sorry it is not more interesting.  Someday, I may tell you about the Junior Prom and having all of our prom dates stolen by The Clash.

We make Aaron's blood boil E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Tuesday, 26 June 2007 00:19

Here's an "anonymous" email that was submitted to the web site.  There's bad grammar, bad spelling, incomplete thoughts and sentences.  I found out his name was Aaron and wrote him back.  Unfortunately, he never responded.

Aaron's email:
This is an enquiry e-mail via http://lebowskipodcast.com from:
aaron <********@gmail.com>

i listened to the first 30 seconds of this shit and my blood starting boiling like you wouldn't believe. 1) not funny 2) waste of time 3) wtf? 4) ya rite 5) give me a break 6) you've got to be kidding me 7) disrespectful to a good movie how many fans do you have? 5?

Our Reply:
Dear Mr. Aaron,
We at Lebowski Podcast are continually striving to improve our show and please the crap out of our listeners.  We are very sorry our shit made your blood boil and did not meet your approval.  If you have any ideas or suggestions to pimp our shit and not raise your blood pressure, we would love to hear them.

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