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Wednesday, 07 September 2011 15:45

Marie ChristopherMarie accepting her trivia trophy at the 10th Annual
Photo by Greg the Mayor

Name: Marie Christopher

Favorite Character: It changes all the time. I'm currently focused on Dude. The Dude is a person, a human, like each of us-- not a hero, and not worthless. Sometimes, there's a man.  Walter is a more interesting, complicated character. Maude is attractive in her assertiveness and eloquence.

Likes: Kittens, flowers, sunsets, music, a good sarsaparilla.

Dislikes: blood-sucking parasites--mosquitos, chiggers, ticks, fleas.

Sworn Enemies/Arch Nemesis: Sidney Crosby (that creep can skate). Carrie Underwood.

Favorite Sport:  to watch, hockey (Go Sabres! Go Preds!)

Favorite sport to participate in: skiing, windsurfing. What I actually do with any regularity: walk, swim. Hiking in the woods or mountains, or both.

Favorite Food:  Pie. I make an excellent blueberry-apple pie, man.

Memorable Quotes: "It's ALL just, like, your opinion, man." (Jeff Bridges, on spirituality)

Best Bowling Score: 98-- Obviously, I am not a golfer.

Marie, who also goes by SheYeti, Ursula, and Lu, is the reigning trivia champion of the 10th Annual Lebowski Fest. She is employed at a science place. She can get you a toe. She lives in Nashville Tennessee with a special man and three cats.



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