Joe Blevins
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Wednesday, 30 April 2008 13:15
Name: Joe Blevins

Favorite Character: Brandt 

Likes: Just hanging out watching movies -- that's my favorite thing.

Dislikes: Cold weather, sleep deprivation

Arch Nemesis/Sworn Enemies: Geese -- they're the REAL "rats with wings," not pigeons.

Favorite Sport: Messing with people's minds for my own personal amusement.

Favorite Food: Lemonheads

Memorable Quotes:  "Nothing 'worth doing' is actually worth doing.  Therefore, do what is worthless, and you will find happiness."

Best Bowling Score: In my one experience with bowling (Lebowskifest Chicago 2008), I believe my score was something like 40.  Sad, really.  Contrary to popular belief, alcohol did nothing to improve my technique.
Involved in Episode(s): Chicago Fest 2008, 16
I'm living proof that a person can be nothing like the Dude and still be a hardcore "Lebowski" fan.  I'm much more like Brandt.  Maybe Brandt secretly wishes he were more like the Dude, too.  Hmmm... - Joe Blevins

You might also remember Joe from his compiling of the Average Shot Length (ASL) of The Big Lebowski, and some of his original Lebowski artwork.



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