The Ladykillers (Ep 27) E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Monday, 23 February 2009 08:58
There's no way I could possibly talk about all of the things that occured to me while listening to your podcast.  I am a friend of the the guy who calls himself "the preacher".  He turned me on to your site and podcast.  I was wondering why you don't make any connection between "Burn" and "Ladykillers"?  It seems to me that the two movies are incredibly similar.  They are both shot really dark - and seem to be driven by a "Confederacy of Dunces".  A grand scheme goes very awry and everyone winds up dead while the unaware who are left behind scratch their head and sorta throw up their hands and say "crazy world idn't it?  I'd buy a ticket."  That quote from Raising Arizona sorta sums up what I think is the Coen approach to storyline.  Bizarre tales, bizarre characters, and building of almost storm-like collision of all these lives.  Then comes the calm.  As I write this I realize that I am constantly looking at the human beings around me and thinking "You are one weird piece of cheese."  Then, I realize that I am just another selection on the hours douvre tray.  Think about yourselves.  Three(?) peopel who have basically carved themselvesw a nitch in life by obsessing over a movie that - while unbelievably brilliant, was a box office flop.  That's a little weird isn't it.  I am a southerner and that's why great fiction just seems to bubble up out of the fishin' holes here - we are chocked full of eccentric characters who are always scheming.  Truth is stranger than fiction and whole heck of a lot funnier than Knock Knock Jokes - "Take my wife, please!"  Observational humor is better than contrived comedy and that's what makes Coen stuff so brilliant.  You watch it and you think "that's so over the top"  but in a world where An astronaut woman wears depends and drives across state to murder the spouse of a man she's obsessed with - you know that any of this stuff is really possible. 
I'm ranting - sorry - I know that's very un-dude.  I will try to do better, i just don't have the necessary means.
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