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Written by Chalupa   
Tuesday, 10 February 2009 03:34


I've just finished listening to the most recent podcast so I thought I'd send off a missive.  I just discovered you last month (excited to find anything free on iTunes, I must say) and I have since listened to all of your 'casts.  I've been wanting to write for some time but I thought I'd get caught up so as not to seem out of my element.

Like many others, I'm one who did not respond to the TBL initially.  My friend Todd (who has discovered his inner Walter) brought me back to the movie and so I gave it another viewing.  We have since become dueling banjos as we trade quotes back and forth.  So grateful I was that he reintroduced me to this cult classic that I rewarded him with his own Achiever T-shirt and proud we were that it came in 5XL (he's discovered his outer Walter, as well).

Now about the podcast.  Remember that I am a fan and any criticism is intended to be constructive.  This is the first and only podcast I've ever downloaded and you need to understand how incredibly intimate the medium feels.  So if I come off as overly familiar, forgive the intrusion but you feel like old friends.

First of all, Liz.  It's great how you have stepped out of the shadows to become the 'cast's unofficial MC.  Initially, you came off as just "the wife."  Perhaps it was the feminism installment but you have since brought a bright enthusiasm to the proceedings (I hope you're not offended by the adjective "bubbly").  Didn't you tell us you were "a Muncie girl"?

Secondly, Chalupa.  This is obviously your brainchild and you should be proud of this, your offspring.  Just one minor note and perhaps a bit dated at that.  Sometimes you came off as a little bit tired and it tended to bring the energy down a bit.  If you just got off work, don't record right away.  Lie down on your rug, listen to some Bob or whale tunes, get a nap, come back refreshed.  I understand a discussion about the Dude should be relaxed.  Laid back is good.  Laid out--not so much.

I have to admit that my favorite episode was the symposium papers review.  As a fellow cerebralist and Hoosier, I found the IU guys fascinating and stimulating.  It was even funny how some of the hosts felt a little overwhelmed (talk about out of your element).

There have been times when I discerned a certain evangelical subtext from you two.  Initially, it was the lack of salty verbiage although you undercut that in a subsequent offering.  Then it was a reference to Taylor University.  (If memory serves, I made a pilgrimage to Upland while I was living in Connersville some 20 years ago to hear a Wayne Watson concert.)  And in this month's asides, Liz makes an obscure reference that Saul became Paul.

Since you seem to be familiar with Christian themes, I'd love to hear an installment kicking around a moral reaction to the Lebowski proceedings.  It seems the Coens have given us a conservative observer in the Stranger:  He doesn't like foul language, his strongest drink is sarsaparilla, and he considers himself a sinner.  I mean, he's a cowboy after all.  What greater symbol of traditional Americana is there?

Well, I must be moseying on.  Thanks again for the hours of enjoyment...

Grace and peace


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