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Tuesday, 23 October 2007 01:13

One of our fellow Achievers, Wayne Pollock, wrote a research paper last year on The Big Lebowski and interviewed a guy who claims to be the first Australian Achiever.  Wayne has agreed to let us show you the interview.  Enjoy!


 Interview with Stavros the Glassblower by Johnny Cowlicks at 8.50 pm October 29 2006


How and when did you discover the big Lebowski and what impact has it had on your life? I saw the big Lebowski in cairns by myself and it was a mindblower in the cinema. I could not forget it and 3 days later I was in Brisbane and I met a woman at a party with hairy armpits who happened to be half German who said it was the best film she had ever seen. If it were not for me being with someone else at the time I would have gone home with her. As it was we were in fact 2 of the first lebowki-ites in Christendom. So attracted was I to this other aficionado that I found it very difficult to tie together the night with the promised one. The Dude failed to make an impression. I returned to Brisbane as many times as I returned to the big Lebowski and each time I capture a different nuance, a different interpretation, a different metaphor, a different symbiotic surrealism and a different gothic grumbling in the dark underbelly of the soul. I shall abide. 

The big Lebowski was a critical and commercial failure during its release in 1998, why do you think this was? FUCKING AMATEURS!!! How could a film that ties together the multi faceted dimensions of human existence possibly capture the imagination of lawyers, stockbrokers and wine merchants discussing wether or not pinot noir was from the slopes of the downward or upward valley. The Big Lebowski is a film for those who ponder life’s rich passing that is populated by heroes and anti heroes, and multi dimensional characters. It makes Habermas and Nieche seem like bed time reading, it’s got more profundity than Plato, more wit than Shakespeare and more riddles than a Rubik’s cube. It’s got a soundtrack that would make the average punter in Starbucks gag on their skinny latte. And it has The Stranger who is the stranger in all of us. It represents the ultimate in alienation and it makes Marx in the original German look accessible. It was a classic before its time and a classic that was out of time and was between the first and second gulf war, after Vietnam and before the Tali ban. And The Big Lebowski was not very far away from The Big Lewinski. 
If the dude were the man for his time and place in 1991 where do you think he would fit in 2006? The Dude abides, The Dude abides in all of us, it’s just that they are too scared to let him come out and bowl with us. They are too afraid to have a friend like Donny and are scared to associate in public with the Walters of this world although we know Walters populate our public toilets, bathroom and urinals. They hose down driveways in droughts and use leaf blowers to blow garden debris onto next doors garden. The Walter in us burns leaves in the street on days of high pollution. The Walter in us is not a born again Christian he is simply an asshole. He thinks children should be thrown overboard, and he would only drive a four wheel drive, ride a ride on mower and wipe his ass on 4 ply toilet paper that comes straight from hardwood trees in the Amazon. Walter is the proverbial digger of the RSL and the mason who deplores homosexuality whilst sneaking a look at some guy’s dick in the next urinal. Walter is the nazi that resides in all of us. Without the Walters of this world there would be no need for The Dude. The Dude exists contrapuntally; the dude could not exist with out Walter. Who was art garfunkel without Paul Simon and who was Lenin without Marx? 
 Over the past 5 years there has been a reawakening of interest in the big Lebowski and its finally gathering the fan base it deserves, do you think this has anything to do with its anti war themes and the US attitudes towards Iraq? Its anti war themes are interwoven as part of the subtext of The Big Lebowski. And it’s now more important than ever that its anti war themes are highlighted now that we no longer know who the enemy is. The enemy not only lurks outside PALE but lingers within us all. The barbarian is not only at the gates, the barbarian is now inside the gates. But more importantly the barbarian is inside you and is inside me, he just needs a taste of the devils riding crop, a Caucasian from Jackie Treehorn or a sniff of Bunny’s knickers to take walk around times square at night when all good men are sleeping. The Big Lebowski demonstrates that the devil is on a leash he just needs a time and place and force of circumstances for the devil to slip the leash. 
 In one of the reviews I read the asked what was the point of the stranger, so what do you think his purpose was within the context of the big Lebowski world? The Stranger is the universal stranger. He has existed since history was first written. There are only 2 plots in the history of literature; a stranger comes to town or a good man leaves and in the case of The Big Lebowski The Stranger ties the movie together. He is there to point us in the right direction to show us the way to lead us in the direction of the light. Without the stranger there would be no Big Lebowski and the world would be poorer if that was so. The Stranger is every marginalised person who ever strode the tide of times. Without him there would be nothing we would simply be left to our own devices to interpret the ebb and flow of Los Angeles between gulf 1 and gulf 2. Two instances of weirdness; the like of which the world has not seen since the time of Augustus Caesar. Without the stranger the film (world) is simply a kaleidoscope. He is simply a roadmap in helping us to navigate the insanity of our lives and of the lives that others force us to live.   

If Walter was a veteran and the dude was a conscientious objector how is it that these two unlikely characters from complete opposite sides of the Vietnam conflict could become friends? Yin and yang equals chi, without one there is not the other without both there is no life. They were forced into a friendship by forces of circumstance; inspired each in their own way, they are as far from the zeitgeist as one could imagine, each a complement to the other. Without one there could not be the other, because the world is so insane they are thrust together marginal to the zeitgeist drawn together by forces of insanity.

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