Gunner Update (Ep 25) E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Monday, 19 January 2009 05:24

gunner.jpg Greetings Achievers

As you may have noticed The Lebowski Podcast and I have wandered down different paths. I have been continuing to pursue my undergrad in English Literature while Liz and Chalupa have ventured forth to purse her MFA and general what have you. The reports tell me that Lupa has been searching for a solid place to roll and fending off all Mainers, as he so lovingly coined the folks that reside across the river. I miss them and their ability to abide but all in all I am doing just fine in the Midwest.

I am writing this e-mail in anticipation of the 2nd anniversary of the podcast. Chalupa had asked fans for e-mail and to be honest I can't remember why but I figured I would send one your way in order to fill you in on what good ole Gunner has been up to. I am not the most active in the Lebowski world but as for what I have been doing I will list:

  • Purchased the tenth anniversary editon DVD of TBL. I got the "classic" version to avoid the awkwarness of finding a spot for the giant bowlingball that would have been the alternative. I picked it up from the Amazon store on the podcast site. I figured I was going buy it anyway and it just so happens that a tiny bit of each purchase goes to Lupa and Liz and will help assist them in mantianing the site and podcast. After shipping the unused dvd only cost the modest price of $16.00. Good deal if you ask me.
  • Watched the dvd's special features. The disk has some great footage of Jeff Bridges flipping through his picture book. It also has a chunk of Eddie Chung's Lebowsik Fest documentary. I saw Tom in there and of course Will and Scott. I was hoping to see a bald headed man with a microphone in the lobby of The Theater we were at for the film showing last winter but did not. Maybe that will make the full length?
  • Ace of freaking Cakes. As one might susspect I have built somewhat of a reputation as the guy who loves the big lebowski in my circle of friends. I don't run around with scissors or beating the hell out of corvettes but I do try to slip in here or there. I am also nutorious for quoting "Calmer than you are," and "Obviously you're not a golfer." People have noticed this and make sure to tell me about anything "Dude" they have come across. The Lebowski cake episode of Ace of Cakes was one of those. I thought it was a pretty rad episode and suggest you look for it if you haven't seen it yet.
  • Read some dude papers. Check out the site if you haven't. Very Dude.
My experiences are few but they have been good. I hope that you have been digging the podcast even though your favorite voice is no more. Happy 2 year Lebowski podcast. Thanks for listening.

Paul "Gunner" VanDemark
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