Gulf War (Ep 28) E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Wednesday, 29 April 2009 04:37
Hey Chalupa / Liz,

Your discussion on the Gulf War raised in Podcast 26 got me thinking that
rather than being inconsequential, the timing of the movie, i.e. with Gulf
War 1 as the backdrop could be seen as in fact integral.

If you think that prior to the Dude telling Walter about the rug-peeing
incident he was not thinking recompense (Walter, what's the point. Look--we
all know who was at fault here, what the fuck are you talking about?).
However, Walter spurs him to think about recompense by saying “I'm talking
about drawing a line in the sand, Dude” and “we're talking about unchecked
aggression here Dude”. These are obvious references to the US’ stance on
Iraq and Kuwait. We are shown, and I think its for our benefit rather than
Dudes, Bush Senior’s speech on the TV in Ralph’s so we can place this stance
in context. For me, the fact that the “unchecked aggression” stance was in
common discourse and thinking around the Dude in media and society made it
more believable that Dude accepted Walter’s “unchecked aggression” logic.
Remember, the US was using this stance, ostensibly, to promote a peaceful
outcome, and the Dude is a pacifist.  Put it this way, what would the Dude
likely have made of Walter saying “unchecked aggression” and “line in the
sand” without the Gulf War as a backdrop? Would Walter even have spurred
Dude on to seek out the Big Lebowski has he not been closely watching what
was happening in Kuwait? True to form Walter’s logic leads Dude down a
troublesome path, so without that original acceptance of Walter’s view, the
rest of the move would not have unfolded. No Gulf War backdrop, no movie?
That’s taking it too far, but just contributing to the debate!

Keep up the solid work (I've rated your Podcast as top of the heap on

All the best,

The Irish Monk
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