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Written by Chalupa   
Wednesday, 03 September 2008 03:49
Hi Achiever Dudes!,
                             I've only recently subscribed to the Lebowski Podcast on itunes so am still catching up to where you are at (ep 19 by now), I'm only on ep 6 about the soundtrack but felt I couldn't wait til I caught up with you to mail, so you'll have to forgive me if I mention something you refer to in a later ep. I will probably mail you after every couple of episodes just to keep in contact as in the first few ep's you don't seem to have that much contact with subscribers, I hope this has taken off for you by the time you are at ep 19 but I will soon discover that for myself when I catch up. (and no I'm not a nerd, I'm just a regular Dude who likes drinkin a few beers and smokin a few J's but just happens to love this movie)
     Firstly I felt I had to mention my interpretation of Maude using the Dude as the father to her future baby, I feel strongly that Maude was only using the Dude because he was the perfect candidate for a father that would in no way, shape or form want to have any part in bringing up a baby/child and was sure she even eluded to this in the movie.
     I also wanted to agree with you guys about the soundtrack, for me every now and a film comes along that blows you away and these films generally have an excellent sound track, the type that makes you think "that sound track was perfect for that movie" and then you have to possess the sound track as well as the movie, and usually you listen to the sound track repeatedly and not view the movie repeatedly, this is where the Big Lebowski stands out even further as a truly fantastic movie because you can actually watch this movie over and over and over..... and find it a true masterpiece, and hilarious at that, every time. You don't tire of the jokes and in fact discover new ones the more you watch, the example for me would be the lines "does a pope shit in the woods" and "Jackie Treehorn treats objects like women" I missed these 2 truly brilliant lines until I viewed it over 10 times (which might of had something to do with the fact that every time me an my old room mate got completely wasted on J's and booze we had to watch it, our record was 3 days on the spin), no other movie has had that effect on me, although I have viewed the Usual Suspects, Pulp Fiction a few times and Fear an Loathing in Las Vegas several times but none had the same impact as the Big Lebowski, which I have now lost count of how times I have watched, it must be over 30 and counting, I will gladly put it on if one of my friends has not seen it and spread the word on the Dude. Could you also please let me know if a new "Achievers Edition" of the movie is coming out as I think I saw somewhere and what new footage/features this will have?
    I'm also sure you must have covered in one of you future podcasts about how we fellow achievers use the lines from the film in every day life, as every site or group I have found on the web has a quotes section or examples of how we do this. I feel everyone who has watched it numerous times must do this and likes the challenge of incorporating the dialogue into normal conversations.
   My final point for now is just a comment about me and this film, the only other topic/activity/interest that I feel as strongly about the Big Lebowski is football (soccer to you as I'm from England) I know pretty much every thing there is to know about football and read about it every day in newspapers, watch the games whenever the are on and not just my team but any decent fixture will do. I also feel as strongly about the Big Lebowski which is why I subscribed to your podcast, have joined numerous groups on the web and facebook, have watched the movie repeatedly, have purchased a "Dude abides" T-shirt, why I'm called "Lebowski" on every website you need to choose a name on, have read the book "I'm a Lebowski you're a Lebowski" and want to know every little fact there is to know and why this and that happened in this and that scene, you can never know too much about this movie.

Anyways I'll be back in touch after I've listened to a few more episodes.
The Dude abides
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