Clay responds about his email and tells us about the new Coen movie E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Sunday, 02 December 2007 11:26
Hey guys, Clay here. Sorry to just now get back to you guys. First off,
in answer to two questions from three episodes ago, yes, my e-mail is
named after the Super Trooper/Club Dread/Beerfest guys as I'm a huge
fan of all their movies. None come close to Lebowski, but greatness
none the less. Also, the poster above my bed is the same as the
original DVD cover with the Dude and Walter standing in front of the
bowling lanes.

In case you haven't seen No Country For Old Men, it is amazing. It
couldn't be more different from Lebowski, but it is absolutely
terrific. Still, I have two interesting points to make about it in
relation to The Big Lebowski. If you've seen it, perhaps you caught
these commonalities and, of course, no spoilers here. 1) The Coens use
a shot from the hood of a moving car several times, just like the shot
when the Dude pulls up to Sobchak Security to pick up Walter for the
drop off. 2) In one scene, a character buys something at a convenience
store, for which he is charged....69 cents. There was also a scene
where a telephone keeps ringing, at which point I was dying to yell
out, "Phone's ringin' Dude!" That's pretty much all it has in common,
but it was neat to see those small things, especially the 69 cents.
Again, it's awesome, so if you haven't seen it, see it as soon as

I also recently had a friend call me from his college, saying that they
had a speaker come who is a friend of the Coens who has recently
written a book on their movies. You guys may have talked about it, I'm
not sure. Apparently there was a Q & A, during which Pilar was brought
up and the speaker says he was under the impression that she was
Larry's mother. I guess the mystery of Pilar goes on.

Finally, great episodes lately. I haven't listened to The Contender
episode since you warned about spoilers, but I do plan to see it now.
You guys are awesome and I look forward to the next episode. Take it
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