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Sunday, 13 January 2008 11:27
1.) Are you in favor of a "Lebowski" sequel? 
Scott - Only if John Turturro is doing it.
Will - God, no.
    What if the Coens aren't involved?
Will -  That would be a travesty.
2.) In Jon Polito's interview, he states that the movie is popular among "dopers," i.e. drug users.  Do you think the movie's following consists mostly of drug users? 
Scott - No, no way!
Will - I don't find them to be that, exactly.
    What do you think of the movie's depiction of drug use and drug users?
Scott -  I guess I would say that it is consistent with some drug users, but not all.
Will -  The movie demonstrates that smoking pot can lead to laziness and may cause dumpster collisions.
3.) What is your opinion of the "Forever Young" intro that is now attached to the beginning of the film? 
Scott - Maybe I haven't seen it enough times yet, but I ain't a big fan. It could be that I am just mad that I didn't get any bloopers or director commentary.
Will - The original 117 minutes is a sacred text. Nothing needs to be added or taken away.
    It's not mentioned at all in the book.  Do you consider it "part of the movie" now?
Scott - No, I don't consider it a part of the movie.
4.) Among the Jeff Bridges photos in the book, there's one that shows some cast members and other people sitting around a table.  I see Philip Seymour Hoffman, Sam Elliott, Jon Polito, and Steve Buscemi for sure.  It looks like an early "table read" for the script.  Is that what it is?  Who are the people in that picture?  There's no caption for it.  I don't see Jeff, but maybe that's because he's taking the picture.
Scott - Yep that is what it was an early reading.  I would assume that Jeff took the pic.
Will - That is in fact the first read through.
5.) Was there a conscious decision not to interview some of the main crew people for the film, like Roger Deakins, Mary Zophres, etc.?  It seems like they could have some stories to tell about TBL...
Scott - I never really thought about it.  We got a contact with one of the sound guys and were stoked to get in touch with him.  Then there is the fact that we actually got to talk to the actors, kinda punch drunk I guess.


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