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Tuesday, 30 September 2008 23:30


How are you doing sir? 
I just figured I would respond quickly, and will try to respond a little more in depth later.  He has so many great characters that reflect an intelligence that most of Hollywood can only wish for.  It is hard to label my favorite Hoffman movie as he is one of my favorite actors.  Anyway, at the moment, The Savages (but mainly because it is the one I have most recently seen) although his character in Magnolia is pretty great too. 



Hey Guys, 

Great to hear from you!

I will try and call in but I'm traveling until next week so I will just put some stuff in this email incase we don't hook up.

It was such a trip talking to Philip when we interviewed him for our book.  It was just a month or two before that he had gotten his Oscar for Capote and we where all like, "you remember when you did that one movie, The Big Lebowski?  That was awesome.." He was very gracious though and never once gave us any business for being such amateurs.  There are actors and then there are the guys that really go beyond the motions to bring a character to life.  I feel PS Hoffman is one of the best screen actors of our generation and I can't wait to see what he does next.

Scott Shuffitt
Founding Dude

So anyways, hoffman was in a movie I REALLY disliked called 'Happiness'
by Todd Solondz.  Solondz's stuff ALWAYS makes me fee horribly
uncomfortable and gross and happiness was no exception to the rule.
Hoffman plays a really introverted guy who has a crush on this girl in
his building but can't talk to her.  He makes up for it by making
anonymous obscene phonecalls, which, ironically, intrigue her although
he doesn't realize.  If there's such a thing as an anti-recommendation I
would make one for this movie, dealing with child rape, sexual
dysfunction, cameron manheim (the practice) chopping a guy into little
bits and putting in her freezer, etc...

Solondz's stuff always has an interesting premise (welcome to the
dollhouse, storytelling, palindromes) but the execution is worse than
gross and seriously makes you want to shower afterwards...

Hmm... All I have to say about PSH is his Truman Capote impression is impeccable--down to the almost imperceptible lisp.
Dr. Jim Spiegel




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