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Written by Chalupa   
Tuesday, 01 January 2013 15:46

We're proud to announce a contest to win a copy of Jeff Bridges' and Bernie Glassman's new book - The Dude and The Zen Master.


A few years ago I came across a blog of Zen koans, or parables, co-written by Roshi Bernie Glassman and Jeff Bridges.  Mr Glassman was bringing the Zen teachings and The Dude was applying those teachings to The Big Lebowski.  It was pretty amazing stuff and I'm sure you can imagine my dismay when it disappeared.  In 2011 I assisted with migrating that information to and was excited to learn it was being made into a book.

If you'd like to win yourself a copy, all you have to do is tell us how The Dude applies to your life.  Don't worry about writing a mini-novel here.  We just need a sentence or few.  The contest starts today, January 1, 2013 and ends Friday January 4, 2013 @5pm EST.  A big thanks to Blue Rider Press for sponsoring this give-away and Happy New Year, dudes!

EDIT: Oh, and dudes, winners must have a uh, US address to ship the ah, book to uh....I lost my train of thought...

Comments (5)
  • Russell Clark  - The Dude

    I worked for an US Based international companies for 20 yearsand living in Australia, means, I get to work 24/6 essentially, when I am at work they are asleep and when I am supposed to be asleep they are at work, so I have quite long days and long weeks. Anyway, I try to maintain the same level of calmness that the dude lives by.I don't let the small stuff irritate me and when I am just too wound up, I say to myself "Fuck it let's go bowling! I have been to a bowling alley here in AUstralia and taken sound sound recordings of differnetpeople bowling and when it all gets to hard, I slip in my cd with the bowling recording and just mentally drop a few frames. I try to picturemyself lying on the rug that ties the whole room together with eyes closed, just bowling and listening to the pins drop!

    Very therapudic for me!

    I have been trying to abide for many a year now!



  • pete roche  - The Tao of Dude

    I take a passe "let it happen" stance most of the time--unless a certain event calls for action. So much so that those close to me have said "he doesn't get emotional about anything." That's hardly the case, but it's true I don't sweat the small stuff. I mean, why should I? People lose their hair and raise their blood pressure when they worry about things they have no control over. You've got to learn to ride it out, maaaann....

  • Glenetta B. Krause  - Dude Book

    I love the Dude and this book would really tie my library together. The Big Lebowski has improved my marriage. My husband is a Walter and I am a bit of a Maude. But we find common ground in our love of The Dude. We remind each other to abide and take 'er easy.

  • Christee Reince  - Dude book

    I have an 9 month old that pees on my rug.

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