Dear Chalupa...

I'm Ronnie 'Treehorn' Tucker (aka Dudeism's Arch-Bishop of Australia), and I'm the 'Founding Dude' and organizer of Lebowski Bash Australia.

I've been so very fortunate to get to know 'Aussie Achiever's' family and consider them friends. His loss was a tragedy and it's obvious how sorely missed he is to all who knew him here -- and clearly the world over; from Newfoundland to Pismo, down to Cooma, Australia.

He died--he died as so many of his generation,
before his time. In your wisdom you took him, Lord.
As you took so many bright flowering young men,
at Khe San and Lan Doc and Hill 364. These young
men gave their lives. And 'Aussie Achiever' too.
'Aussie Achiever'. . . who loved Lebowski.

Jim's spirit is strong however with 'The Dudes' fans Down Under -- and in some very important ways he's still been, and will be, very much a part of our all of our official fan celebrations.

'Aussie Achiever' had a considerable collection of Leb...