Pendleton Mills releasing new Dude sweater E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Tuesday, 10 May 2011 18:42

Pendleton mills, manufacturers of the original "Dude sweater" have announced a new tribute item set to come out this September.

Pendleton Mills sweater

I think this is a great idea with one major flaw.  This isn't a "Dude Sweater."  If they really wanted to sell thousands of these things, they should have brought back the original design for a second run.  Right now hundreds of Lebowski fans are trying to buy vintage sweaters that are old, stained, shrunken, ill-kept, hole riddled and often just not the real thing.  If Pendleton were to start producing the same, old design again they'd sell like hot cakes within the deadbeat community.  I mean that in the nicest way because right now the square community are the only ones who will purchase them.

Comments (4)
  • Dave C  - definitely not the Dude's sweater...

    ...but it is one that I would purchase. Its something that would be nice as a daily wearer when the weather is appropriate. I wonder if there will be the same variety of colors as there was for the original cowichan.

  • Chalupa

    I would totally buy one if it was $100 or less. $180-$200 is out of my price range. Can't argue it doesn't look nice.

  • Anonymous

    Uhh, thats just a sweater, not The Dude's sweater.

  • Anonymous

    Pendleton has a face book page called Pendleton Menswear. If you can, try to post on their wall requesting a second run of the original design! Please. I've done this already and I want them to really get the message. I'm sure they'll do it once they realize how much people are asking for it.

    I did buy this sweater though. Just because. It's a nice design and it's a good investment. Pendletons' sweaters last a lifetime, man. It's just that i would like an exact dude's sweater.

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