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Written by Chalupa   
Wednesday, 11 May 2011 00:00

We finally did it.  We recorded that commentary track.

Back in 2007 I realized I could not find a full length commentary track anywhere for The Big Lebowski.  The Coen Brothers are not big into DVD extras and special features which includes those commentary tracks with people like the directors, editors, crew, cinematographer, etc.  My next step was to look around on the internets to see if I could find one - still no luck.  So we went ahead and created it for you.

Joining us on the track are Larry and Mike.  You might recognize their voices if you've been a long time listener of the podcast.  Larry is a local film critic and Mike has a film podcast of his own called Filmjitsu.  We did this all in one take with zero edits, other than to chop a little off the beginning and end.  This is made with the idea you will either synchronize this track with the DVD, or mute your TV while listening.  You can find the track in a few ways:

  • Stream it from the episode listing page (click here)
  • Download it from our RSS feed and play off a computer or other device (click here)
  • Somehow break the DVD encryption and add our lovely voices as a "real" commentary track to your newly created DVD of The Big Lebowski (I'm pretty sure this one is illegal)

We hope you enjoy it and would love it if you gave us notes.

Episode 51 - Commentary Track

Comments (4)
  • Anonymous

    If I understand it right, it's a swiss fuckin watch.

  • smjosephson  - Ramblin'

    Far out! You willed it and it is no dream.

  • Chuck Prophet  - Viva

    Isn't that Shawn Colvin doing Viva Las Vegas? From a tribute record or something?

  • Chalupa

    Thanks Ramblin!

    Hey Chuck Prophet - yes, that is Shawn Colvin. There are actually two versions of Viva Las Vegas in the film. You have the first one playing when Bunny is driving her car and the second plays during the credits.

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