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Written by Chalupa   
Sunday, 17 October 2010 00:05

Now if there's one thing Achievers are in search of, it's a good deal on a Dude sweater.  Like many things fans of The Big Lebowski fixate upon, the sweater Ol Duder wears doesn't make too many appearances in the film.  There are many vintage sweaters available and many similar sweaters out there.  I always hear stories about people finding them at garage sales and in thrift stores, but I never come upon things like that.  Many have to search EBay.  If you're going to go the EBay route, I have a few tips for you.

  1. Choose how much you're willing to spend and stick to your guns. You'll find many with "Buy Now" prices of $200 or more.  Just because we're desperate for a sweater doesn't make us saps.  Think about what you're willing to pay for a sweater at a department store, and translate that into how much you might want to pay.  Don't be afraid to just walk away.  There will always be more sweaters available tomorrow, next week, and next month.
  2. Know how to search. Remember those fascists charging $200 for those sweaters?  Well they sucker in the masses by using keywords such as: dude, duder, lebowski, etc.  You might be able to find some of these sweaters without the Lebowski language and get a good deal.
  3. Watch out for fakes. Be sure to pay attention to the colors and pattern.  There are sweaters that look exactly like what Dude wore, sweaters that are similar, and sweaters that aren't anything close to the same pattern.  Just because it's labeled a Dude Sweater doesn't mean it is.
  4. Check the size. Vintage clothing doesn't always match current sizes.  These sweaters are also made out of wool so they could be stretched out or could have shrunk over the years.  Along with sized (S, M, L, XL, etc) good sellers will also list measurements for chest, length, etc.  If you're clueless what these numbers mean, measure one of your sweaters or hoodies to get an idea.
Another route some go is to try and knit their own.  Yarn can be expensive depending on type and style, so be careful about how much you're spending.  It could be cheaper just to buy a completed sweater than to make one.  If you're looking for a pattern, you might check here - http://web.me.com/andreaknits/Site/Blog/Entries/2009/9/22_the_dude.html.  I've seen some patterns on Etsy before, but I don't know of any that are currently available.
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