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Written by Chalupa   
Monday, 19 July 2010 11:46

I always think the movie night at Lebowski Fest is always just going to be the same.  You know, like, watch the movie.  It never really quite works out that way though.  You have the bands playing beforehand, a few Achievers show up in costumes, and the reunions of old friendships combined with the creating of new ones.

When it got to be about that time, the Dude and I drove over in the Gran Torino.  Did I mention it's green with some minor rust coloration?  I always enjoy riding around in that beast because it always gets the crowd going.  As soon as we parked and exited I noticed another dude and his special lady kind of hanging off to the side.  I decided to say hi and it turns out we kind of knew each other.  It was paparon from the messageboards at JeffBridges.com!  Here's someone whom I have been talking to and conversing with for I dont' know how long and here they were just standing next to our parking space.  Some would call that a "Lebowski miracle."


Along with paparon I was able to meet up with Prof Tim and Donny, TQ, Liam, Christee, Ed and Aaron, and a few others.  Coming to a Fest and experiencing everything is fun, but the people are the reason I want to come back.  The bands were good and The Felice Brothers were pretty awesome just as I expected.  I ended up helping out at the door, ripping tickets, stamping hands and what-have-you.  Some might find this boring but I got to strike up some interesting conversations with Ryan the security guy, and was also able to stand under the tent.  The Kentucky heat was unforgiving this weekend.

One thing I made sure I did was to check out the merch tent for any deals.  I was able to score a Liam shirt from the 7th Annual Fest for just $5.  That's a deal.  It's always worth checking out what they have on clearance.  That night Dude, Mayor and I went over to Spinelli's for some pizza.  It wasn't too busy there, but it took a while for our pizza because of all the delivery orders.  While waiting, Mayor and I got to hear some very "interesting" conversation from a group of kids sitting out front.  The excitement even spiced up a bit when a couple of Little Larry types tried to cut the power to the building.  I never quite caught why they were pissed, but those kids did no succeed in their modest task and went running down the street.

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