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Written by Chalupa   
Friday, 16 July 2010 00:42

Last night I arrived in Indy and luckily had no delays.  Everyone going to Florida was either delayed or canceled, and after getting stranded in ATL last summer I did not want a repeat of that experience.  On my first flight I sat next to a girl who wanted to know about the book I was reading.  It was The Year's Work In Lebowski Studies.  She had never seen the movie before, but had been planning on it.  After picking up my ringer from baggage claim Dude and I got a snack at Steak N Shake.  I love that place.  Unfortunately there aren't many 24hr places in New Hampshire.

Duder and I “wisely” stayed up until 4am or so and then got up at 7:30am Wednesday to head to Louisville, KY.  We took a ride down in the '73 Gran Torino, green with minimal rust coloration, and played plenty of Creedence all the way down.  We met up with Will at his home full of pop culture memorabilia.  I remember him talking about Pee Wee once and he had a sweet print/painting of Pee Wee riding his bicycle on the wall.  I also spotted a "Chairy" up on the balcony.  From there we went on over to WHAS11 for the lunch news report.  Will and Tom got to sit behind the desk with the newsanchor for a 5 min or so spot about Lebowski Fest.  They did a great job.  It was kind of apparent she didn't know much about Lebowski, but that's cool.  Angie and I hung out in the wonderfully air-conditioned lobby.  It was a real cooker in L-ville today.  Heat advisories and what have you were out.

From the studio we went over to Lynn's Paradise Cafe where I got a pimento bleu cheese burger.  For my side I went with the baked mac n cheese.  I cannot lie, it was delicious.  The Courtyard by Marriott is a pretty decent hotel.  We checked out the pool and they have some weird rules.  For instance, no more than five people are allowed in the pool at once, or you could get fined $100, bones, clams or whatever you call them.

Tonight we ran a few errands, picked up a very important package at the other Courtyard by Marriott in town, hit up the book event down at Carmichael's Bookstore, got some cheese fries and a Popeye pizza at Flanagan's, met up with Liam, and then saw Babyfishmouth at Wicks.  Greg the Mayor and Bill Green also arrived.  It was quite the gathering.  While at Flanagan's, Scott suggested we get the pizza sans-bacon.  This really made no sense to me because bacon is the king of meats.  So we got it half bacon and I found out why.  The bacon made the pizza just a little too salty.

Well the power just went out.  We're looking outside and the whole hotel is pitch black.  When we were downtown we heard someone talking about a brownout that had just occurred.  Perhaps the heat is taking its toll on the grid right now.  Tomorrow night is the movie party and we’ll see a few bands.  I’m looking forward to it.  I've been posting a few pictures on our Facebook page so feel free to check them out.

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