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Written by Chalupa   
Friday, 02 July 2010 08:05

At the 9th Annual Lebowski Fest in Louisville this year, we (the Lebowski Podcast) are hosting a meet and greet.  It will take place on Saturday, July 17th, at 3pm.  We'll be congregating at the bar in the Executive Strike and Spare.  This is the bowling alley where the Fest takes place.  The Garden party will start up at 4pm on the Executive Lawn, so all you have to do is show up a little early to meet some fellow Achievers.

I can't make any promises here because I can't control who shows up, but here are the kinds of people you could possibly meet:

  • Me, Chalupa
  • Tom - official Dude of Lebowski Fest and our L-Fest correspondent
  • TQ - co-author of LeBlogski
  • Jim "Liam" Hoosier - ok, so this one could be a bit of a stretch because there's no word on if Jim is actually coming yet or not.  If you want to try and influence this decision, please become a fan of the Bring Liam to Lebowski Fest - Louisville Faceboook fan page.
  • Regular contributors and friends from the Lebowski Fest forum
  • Aaron Jaffe and Ed Comentale - authors and co-editors of The Year's Work in Lebowski Studies.  They've RSVP'd on our Facebook event.
  • Will Russell and Scott Shuffitt - the founding dudes of Lebowski Fest
  • Greg the Mayor - Professional photographer.  He's the guy that takes many pictures at Lebowski Fests and is known for his fish-eye lens.
  • Past guests from podcast episodes
  • Achievers from Eddie Chung's documentary, The Achievers

This is just a short list of people who immediately come to mind.  I think it'll be a good time.  We're planning on having some name tags available for you to announce your presence.  Feel free to use either the handle your parents gave ya, or a self-applied name.  Many on the Lebowski Fest forum complain about not knowing who forum members are at Lebowski Fest.  We know each other by our handles, but do we really know what everyone looks like?  We're hoping this will be a good venue to meet both old and new friends you have made in the pop-culture phenom known as The Big Lebowski.

Oh, and did I mention this is free?  So if you'd like to hang out but don't have the bones, clams, or whatever you call it to buy a Fest ticket - feel free to come hang out with us at the Achiever Meetup.

Click here to RSVP on Facebook

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