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Written by Chalupa   
Monday, 12 April 2010 20:57
Aimee Mann Ice T
Aimee Mann Ice T

I've been busy lately and just now came across the fight between Aimee Mann and Ice T on twitter. Aimee Mann, besides being an amazing vocal artist, happened to play Uli's girlfriend in The Big Lebowski. She gave up her little toe because, "She sought we vould get a million dollars," or so one of her Nihilist companions said. Ice T is a gangsta rapper from way back in the day and maybe better known now as an actor on Law and Order: SVU.

This all started off with Mann criticizing Ice T's acting abilities via Twitter, "Christ, there is no reason in the world anyone should ever have cast Ice T in a television show." This got back to "Mr. T" and he didn't take it too kindly. Some bantering and colorful language went back and forth with Aimee Mann apologizing and Ice T gloating.

All I know is I would be careful if I were Ice T. Yeah, he may be a "bad dude," a gangsta hiphop emcee, and starred in amazing films such as Tank Girl and Johnny Mnemonic - but this is Aimee Mann we're talking about here. She's the lady Nihilist. If this dude doesn't chill out, Aimee's boyfriend and two buddies are gonna ride their crotchrockets over to T's house, break some furniture and perhaps cut off his johnson! At the very least you know they'll drop a marmot into the tub or something. Watch out for those cricket bats dude, even though they're shaped differently they still hurt.

uli_bathtub_scene uli_scissors
Uli Kunkel - AKA Karl Hungus

Aimee Mann -
Ice T -

Comments (2)
  • TIMMAH  - Found on the Interblag!

    Guy 2: i'm just waiting for ice t to inform me that i can "go eat a bag of hot johnson"
    Guy 1: He's obviously not a golfer.
    Guy 2: no
    he is not
    did you see the latest blag post?
    Guy 1: I did!
    I retweeted you as well.
    Guy 2: far out
    Sent at 9:39 AM on Tuesday
    Guy 1: The whole thing reeks of retarded to me.
    Guy 2: yes yes
    Guy 1: I'm not mister T's biggest fan
    Guy 2: so one actor doesn't appreciate the "art" of another
    ice t sucks at acting
    Special Lady would disagree
    but any movie or tv show i've seen him in
    he does the same stuff
    Guy 1: Yeah
    He plays Ice T.
    Guy 2: i.e. Tank Girl and Johnny Mnemonic
    and what does he really do on Law and Order other than act tough?
    Guy 1: Now, MISTER T, he can play himself all he wants, because he's BA Baracus and we love him
    Guy 2: seriously
    yes yes
    and he fought Rocky
    Guy 1: But Ice T hasn't earned that yet
    Guy 2: no sir
    Guy 1: Clubber Lang!
    Sent at 9:42 AM on Tuesday
    Guy 1: I dunno... the guy seems...

  • Mike  - starred in amazing films such as Tank Girl

    Classic man!

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