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Written by Chalupa   
Monday, 05 April 2010 10:57

Here's a seven minute montage of clips from most, if not all, of Quentin Tarantino's and the Coen Brothers' films. I'm not sure how you can exactly compare the work of these two directors because while they are similar, they are very different. In my opinion....they both have a vast knowledge of film history that extends into both the well known and not so well known catalogs of studios, directors and actors. They both have a vast knowledge and understanding of pop culture and literature that makes its way into their scripts and films. Where they differ is that Tarantino rips off stuff from others in an act of homage while the Coen Brothers take others' work into mind while creating original content. The Coens still borrow scenes, catch phrases and circumstances, but you'll be pretty hard pressed to put one of their films up on one screen, put another film up on screen next to it and start picking out where the Coens copied a scene. One other difference in philosophy is Tarantino does most things to excess and makes his films "over the top" while the Coens are a little more "reigned in" in what they do. This is just my opinion here and I'm open to objections or thoughts.

So here's that montage. Great editing work here. I've dabbled a bit in this area and know how hard it can be.


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  • Punter  - Tarantino vs Coen bro's

    Tarantino is far more commercially 'friendly' than the Coens in my opinion. I am fans of both but I feel that the Coens films come a little further out of leftfield than QT's. When the Coens are on form they create memorable characters that stand the test of time but if not on their 'game' their films can be a little hard to love. QT has action and snappy dialogue to fall back on when his story slows. Which attracts a much larger audience. I couldn't pick which I like more as I feel they are vastly different in style but if my arm was twisted and being the blockbuster whore that I am, my vote would go with QT. Chicks with Samurai swords wins out for me everytime!!

  • Chalupa

    These are all very good points Punter. Personally, I'm so deep into the Coen Brothers' world that I can't help but be biased on some of these questions. I totally agree that Tarantino's films are more geared to the Blockbusters.

  • Jason McElweenie  - Apples to Apples

    I don't really know why there is a comparison at all. I think they are completely different in every way. To me it's like comparing Scorcese with Jarmusch. You can find similarities but the vision, style and writing are are nowhere near each other.

    Yes, the Coen's are quirky and that turns some folks off but that's exactly what their fans like. Tarantino turns some folks off with the violence but that's exactly what his fans like.

    One thing I like about the Coen's over Tarantino is the ability to stay on narrative. They appreciate a good story that grows. Their work is linear. Tarantino has always loved the chopped up style. I love it too but as far as setting the story and building on that Tarantino cannot hold a flame to the Coen's.

    Tarantino's dialog at pivotal scenes is amazing. He has really grown as a writer. These scenes stand alone. Take for example Pulp Fiction. Almost every scene in that movie that involves dialog between two people are so powerful and memorable that th...

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