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Tuesday, 09 March 2010 09:32


I think Sunday night was surprising to many, yet not at the same time.  In a world where film success is often measured by how many dollars it earns at the box office, James Cameron and his billion dollar film were given the cold shoulder.  Is this a tragedy?  I think not.  Remember that other film he did called Titanic?  Yeah, I refused to watch it and then finally caught it on TV about 10 years later.  I know they accomplished some "really cool" things at the time for effects and what have you, but I was still left unimpressed.  Titanic took more golden statues home that year than any movie since Ben Hur I believe, yet where was its staying power?  Are we still telling all our friends they just have to go see it?  So with that in mind, and I think it was in the Academy's mind too, I have to chuckle when I watched Avatar get passed by in so many categories.

So who were the winners?  Plenty really.  The first worth mentioning would be Jeff Bridges for Best Actor.  The Dude Abides, what else can I say?  It was long overdue and we're glad to see him earn the award for a great film and not just whatever happened to be out this year.  In true "Dude" form, Bridges used copious amounts of the word "man" in his acceptance speech and went way over time.  Interestingly enough the symphony never try to play him off the stage and away from the microphone.

Here's a clip of Jeff Bridges after he accepted his award - http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/showbiz/2010/03/08/sot.oscars.backstage.bridges.cnn?hpt=C2

Other winners of note would be The Cove for Best Documentary Feature, T Bone Burnett and Ryan Bingham for Best Original Song, The Hurt Locker for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Film Editing, Best Sound Mixing, Best Sound Editing and Best Original Screenplay.  Precious picked up awards for Best Supporting Actress and Best Adapted Screenplay.

Some surprises that night included Farah Fawcett being left out of the montage tribute to all who died in the past year and an absence of perfomances for the nominated best original songs.  They continued the thing where other actors come out to introduce Best Actor nominees.  You might have noticed four of the five presenters had all worked with Jeff Bridges in the past.  Putting Julianne Moore out there to not talk about The Dude was just a big tease.  There were many good speeches and not a single person got on stage to just cry, get hysterical, or frantically try to read names off a napkin.  It was a good Oscar ceremony.

So in light of all this awesomeness, we're going to be doing a Jeff Bridges tribute for Episode 39.  We'll be exploring his life, films, music and the epic-dudeness he exhibits in his own life.  If you have any ideas or suggestions, you know how to contact us.


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  • Frank B  - Epic art

    The Dude is an avid doodler, which is what drives the navigation on his website, and he loves photography. That's two really cool things about the man you could touch on. Oh, one more, he's been with his special lady friend (wife) for over 30 years, which is a rarity in Hollywood anymore, and has three daughters.

  • Chalupa

    Oh yeah, his artwork! How could I have forgotten? Thanks man.

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