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Friday, 05 March 2010 23:52

No, this doesn't have anything to do with the stage readings/enactments of Two Gentlemen of Lebowski nor does it have anything to do with that porn production we heard about either.  This looks like a live-action rendition of original script.  Picked this up from majorcat1 at Jeff Bridges' forum.  It's a listing on San Francisco's Craig List.  I'm just copying/pasting the whole listing below.  Click here for a link to the Craig's List listing. Please let us know if you have any information about this or are participating.


In a wild parody of the cult film classic,The Big Lebowski - Over the Line!”, brings the live action to theatre audiences.

Audition Location:

Sony Metreon, San Francisco

(this is also the Call Back, Rehearsal and Performance Location)

Audition Dates:
  1. Sunday March 7th, 4:00-6:30pm
  2. Wednesday March 10th, 6:30-9:30pm
  3. Thursday March 11th, 6:30-9:30pm

What to bring to the auditions:
  1. Resume (required)
  2. Recent Photo or Headshot (required)

Rehearsal Schedule:
  • Principal Roles: 3-4 Days per week, 6:30-9:30pm
  • Supporting Roles: 2-3 Days Per week, 6:30-9:30pm

Performance Dates:
  • Thursday nights 8:00-10:30pm with a call time at 630pm
  • Show starts Mid April 2010 and will run to the end of July 2010

General Note about the roles being cast:

The original film is an absurd, character-driven tale through the Coen Brother’s unique Americana. As we parody this film on stage, capturing the exaggerated behavior of the characters is most important – it must spill out of you even more so than the original. This is an over the top, in-your-face performance. Therefore we and the audience will expect you to know the film inside and out. Prepare thoroughly before showing up by studying the film and the characters. Prior stage acting experience is strongly suggested and improv experience is required.


THE DUDE (Lead Role)
The ultimate laid-back slacker. He’s single, enjoys bowling, smoking pot, drinking White Russians and listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival in his elastic pants and clear jelly sandals. Passive and polar opposite of Walter.

If you are trying out for The Dude, you’ll need to maintain the casual nature and flexibility of the character while the absurd events unfold around you on stage. Must have strong acting skills, and know this role inside and out as it is the lead role. Also must have great chemistry with Walter. This role will require strong improv skills.

WALTER (Lead Role)
He’s the Dude’s best friend and bowling buddy. He’s also a Vietnam War veteran still stuck in the past with a violent temper and a pattern of unstable, bullheaded decision making. The Judaism he adopted has become his new discipline to maintain control.

We expect anyone trying out for Walter to carry it to the next level. Walter is the steam train that blasts through each scene he is in. You will need to have a booming voice and a commanding physical presence. In addition, your chemistry with The Dude is critical - you must be able play off him seemlessly.This role will require strong improv skills.

The quiet third member of the bowling team. He is naïve and inquisitive and always seems to aggravate Walter to great lengths with his ill-timed questions.

If you want to try out for Donny, you will need to capture his unobtrusive, curious nature. Donny on stage needs to be a master of reactions to the larger-than-life characters he encounters. We have added some scenes to make this more of a central role. The whole movie though is played off of Donny's face and the same needs to be reflected in the actor who takes this part.

He’s the rich, conservative, wheelchair-bound husband of Bunny and father of Maude. He’s a veteran who made it big even after he lost his legs and he wants everyone to know it. He has little patience for bums, hippies or anyone who is not trying to achieve like him.

An actor who wants to play the Big Lebowski needs to portray the disgust, the pompousness, the red-faced tirades, and even the sobbing that the character does in the movie. This role will require strong improv skills. The actor chosen for this role will ALSO be playing JACKIE TREEHORN, the Malibu porn king.

The feminist, ultramodern artist and daughter of the Big Lebowski. She is tired of the petulance of her father and the shenanigans of Bunny and her German friends. She would rather just laugh and paint and talk about vaginal art with her avante-guard friends.

The actress playing Maude needs to project catchy laughter in addition to her lines. We will be looking for proper intonation and exactness of speech. She carries an accent that is her own. You must be able to project this in a loud matter. You will also need to be comfortable briefly showing breasts in two scenes in front of audience.

He’s the ever loyal, happy-to-please, kiss-ass assistant to the Big Lebowski.

The actor who wants to play Brandt will need to bring his odd, stiff, nerdy eagerness to the stage.

She is the Big Lebowski's cliché trophy wife who sits by the pool and does her nails. While she’s rebelling against dad, she also dabbles in the occasional porn video shoot, and runs away to Palm Springs.

The actress who wants to play Bunny will need to draw out her bubble-headed, care-free, adolescent mannerisms. She will also need to be comfortable in a bikini during every scene the character is in. The actress who plays Bunny will also play a sexy Policewoman.

JESUS (“The Jesus”)
This crazy, trash-talking, Cuban-accented, pederast has a rival bowling team in the league that Dude and Walter play in.

An actor seeking the Jesus role will need to be completely over the top. When the Jesus steps on stage the crowd will expect big things. The Jesus needs to be very loud and deliver lines in a pseudo Cuban accent. The Jesus will also need to do a brief dance scene, so you will need to be competent at improv dancing.

COWBOY (“The Stranger”)
The cowboy is the play’s narrator and on-stage director. He’s got that western swagger and a penchant for sarsaparilla and big hats.

We will need any actors trying out for the Cowboy to have a commanding stage volume, the ability to speak with a western accent and be comfortable with wearing minimal clothing in one of the scenes. This role will require improv skills.

For More information:

Contact Phone: (415) 644-8906
Contact Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Comments (2)
  • Tim  - That's interesting

    The line that piques my interest most:

    "The actress who plays Bunny will also play a sexy Policewoman."

    And that's cool, that's cool ...

  • Chalupa

    Yeah, I'm not really sure how the policewoman part fits into the script. Extended scene from Logjammin?

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