March 6, 2010 E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Wednesday, 03 March 2010 19:50

This coming Saturday, March 6, 2010, is an important day for all fans, Achievers, Dudeists and citizens of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Besides just being a Saturday, Shabbos or the Sabbath (the Jewish day of rest), this also happens to be The Day of the Dude.  Now before you start asking, "What do you need that for, Chalupa?" you should know what you're asking here.  The Day of the Dude is the first annual holiday setup by Dudeism.  It's an official day for you to celebrate all things Dude.  Still confused?

If you're in Canada one good way to get your party on would be to show up for LebowskiPalooza 2010.  We, the royal we, interviewed Greg and Trent (two of its founders) for Episode 38 - LebowskiPalooza.  These guys are not lightweights.  This is the 2nd year they have held their even so that makes it an annual thing.  LebowskiPalooza is also the largest Lebowski-themed event in the whole country of Canada.  Piggy-backing on the end of the 2010 Winter Olympics, several Olympic teams have even pledged their attendance.  This could be your chance to get some autographs, man.  Besides being able to watch The Big Lebowski in a classy theater, enjoy some good food and beverage, and play some classy Lebowski-themed games, you should also know that all the proceeds are going to a great cause - The Alzheimer Society of Manitoba.  We even donated one of our limited run t-shirts as a prize for one of the events so let us know if you win it.

So you don't live in Canada and you're not sure what to do.  I can see that, but should a fellow Dude really have this much trouble finding out how to be...well, Dude?  Pop in your DVD of The Big Lebowski and invite some friends over.  If you don't own it, I'm sure you could rent it or find a friend who does.  You could take it easy on your rug and ponder if it really ties the room together.  You could volunteer your time for a worthy cause, or help out a neighbor with a project they've been working on.  You could even just take it easy and finally take that nap you've been needing all week.

If none of that interests you or maybe you're just too busy on Saturday, then there's still one thing you could do and that is to cheer Jeff Bridges on to his first Oscar win at the 2009 Academy Awards.  This is something that has been long overdue.  Currently Mr. Bridges is up for the Best Actor award for his outstanding performance as Bad Blake in Crazy Heart.  It's a pretty good film. You should check it out some time if you haven't gotten around to it yet.  We've invited a few people over to watch the ceremonies.  Most of our friends are not movie geeks like ourselves, so regardless if anyone shows we'll still be watching because the Dude abides.

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