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Wednesday, 02 December 2009 11:50

You wouldn't believe how much Lebowski stuff I come across on Al Gore's interwebs every day.  Mini-reviews, blog posts, news articles and what-have-you abound on the subject of The Dude and his adventures.  Often times I pass most of these by and decide not to share them with you because it's stuff we've already posted and discussed.  Yesterday I came across a podcast episode discussing The Big Lebowski and almost dismissed it, but I'm glad I continued listening.

CineVerse is a group that meets in Chicago to watch and discuss films.  Here's some information I pulled from their site.

CineVerse is a free weekly film discussion group that explores the universe of cinema. We meet every Wednesday from 7-10 p.m. in Oak Lawn, Ill. at Oak View Center (4625 W. 110th St., room #9 or in the theater). At every meeting, we discuss a different movie, chosen by our members on a rotating basis. CineVerse is open to anyone 17 years and older. To join our group or for more info, e-mail Erik the founder/moderator at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Right after I was out of college, I tried to start up movie nights of my own.  They occured weekly during the summer and lasted for two or three years, but basically the interest didn't hold.  I would invite my friends over to watch awesome movies I owned, had seen or had heard about through the grapevine.  Part of this was just to have something to do, part of it was a chance to watch some movies, and part of it was to try and expose my friends to this awesomeness I was experiencing.

Erik Martin, the creator of CineVerse, is doing just that, but on a much bigger scale.  He's not inviting his close friends into his living room, he has an open group that anyone can attend.  This isn't a group of philosophers, theologians, academics, historians and elite film watchers, but just average people getting together to experience film.  That's awesome and I applaud all their efforts.

Last week they got together to watch The Big Lebowski.  I assume this audio recording of their conversation was immediate after they had seen it.  Usually people are dazed and confused after seeing The Dude and Jackie Treehorn for the first time on the silver screen, but these people seem to have a pretty good handle on what they just experienced.  The audio quality isn't that great, but the conversation is.  To borrow a line from The Stranger, "aw hell, I done innerduced him enough" so without further ado, here's that link.

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