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Written by Chalupa   
Thursday, 19 November 2009 15:18

If you'd like to possibly star in the next Coen film with Jeff Bridges and you can pull off being a 14 year old girl, you should go try out for the role of Mattie.  The auditions are this weekend, Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm.  They're taking place in Waco, Texas at Dodge Hall.  The address is 4601 Bosque Blvd Waco, TX.  Check out this link for all the details -

Picked up the info over at You Know, For Kids! - which is a great resource for all things Coen related.

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  • Ashton Lampkin

    I am an 11 year old girl from Yell County Arkansas. I love to rodeo and run barrels. I can ride the hair off a horse. I beleive I would suit Mattie just fine. I have never acted in my life. Would love to give this a try.
    Look forward in hearing from you.

  • Chalupa

    Sounds like you'd be great for the part. Unfortunately I'm not either one of the Coen Brothers, nor am I working on the film, True Grit. You'll need to check out the link in the post and follow up with the information there. Good luck.

  • Ashton Lampkin

    Please help me..I understand they are still looking for Maddie!!I cant figure out how to contact them. I am the one they need. What site do I go to? I will send pics

  • Chalupa

    I really don't know what web site you would go to. The casting people for this film were traveling from city to city doing auditions. As far as i know, you have to show up in person.

  • Christine

    This sounds like it is going to be a really good movie and I would love a chance to be in it. I could pull off being a 14 year old.

  • Maggie

    i'm fourteen and i would love to be mattie. i believe i would be perfect for the part, but i suppose so does everyone. i'm wondering if anyone knows when the next auditions are, because i have just recently heard about this and i don't know where or when they are. if someone could help me that would be amazing, thanks so much!

  • talia williams

    i'm 14 years old and the way you described mattie is the almost exact way of describing me...i look forward o meeting you in oklahoma auditions!!

  • Snowy  - How much are you paying for cotton? LOL

    I bet the Coen Brothers are sick to death of hearing this audition line...
    How much are you paying for cotton?

  • Tori Evans  - Help Me!!

    I am going to audition at the Tulsa, Oklahoma audition but, what are they going to have us do for the audition? Like will they give us a script and we read them a bit of it?

  • Wow143

    They're all done with auditions as of today (: I went and got a callback so now it's just waitin! They're doing a really cool thing here.

  • Chalupa

    Well good luck to everyone who auditioned. Thanks for the update.

  • Hannah

    For those of you who can't make the actual auditions, you can mail in a video of yourself. Go to this website

  • jasmine butler

    Hi my name is jasmine and I really want to play the part as mattie. I would be perfect for the part because Mattie and I are basically the same personality. So if you could email me back that would be great.

  • Anonymous

    i can asure u that there are millions of girls trying out for the part and if u've never acted in ur life then i think u should take a few couple lessons and try out for a differnet movie some other not really trying to down u or anything but u can try ur hardest and never give up good luck!

  • jordan lynn

    they want someone unknown! you dont have to have experience. i missed the auditions and i feel like im going to pass out i wanted it soo bad.

  • Chalupa

    That's just the stress talkin, man. Did you see there was a chance to send in an audition video?

  • Olive13

    I tried out for this movie and what got me the most was they ask you a question about yourself and thats it. They dont do scripts. But it was really fun to have the oppertunity. I dont like that they said that almost all the girls who tried out were terrable bc that was really rude. I do think they picked the right girl part though, she was truly spectacular in this movie. I dont mind losing to her bc she really did suit this part perfectly ! I hope i get the chance to audition for more movies !

  • Chalupa

    Yeah, that comment about those who tried out does seem pretty flippant. I'm sure you did a great job. Good luck on your future try outs.

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