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Tuesday, 10 November 2009 12:29



My hat is always off to the AV Club.  That's a site you should periodically check out.  They also seem to be big fans of the Coen Brothers and The Big LebowskiTJ, whom you might remember from Episode 34, sent me this link to share with you today.  It's an interview with Ben Gazzara, or as we like to refer to him - Jackie Treehorn.

If you weren't aware, Gazzara is pretty important in the world of acting.  He was a heavy hitter to bring into The Big Lebowski just like almost every other actor that was in that film.  If they weren't already big in 1998, they certainly are now.  I can't say I've seen many of Gazzara's films, but one role that is pretty close to Jackie Treehorn would be Ben's portrayal of Brad Wesley in Road House with Patrick Swayzee.  Now that's a film that is hard not to see at least once a year with how often it's played on cable television.

We haven't dedicated an episode to Gazzara yet, and we probably should at some point.  I think we'd probably need to load our Netflix queue up with plenty of his films first so we'd know what we're talking about.  Well, without further introduction, here's that interview I've been rambling on about.,35105/

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