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Written by Chalupa   
Friday, 09 October 2009 12:23

If you look up "Seattle Seven" on Wikipedia, the first thing you'll find is an article referring to a group of seven seafood companies based out of Seattle.  Apparently there were some shenanigans between them and Exxon during the time of the Valdez and the oil spill.  The Seattle Seven we're more familiar with is actually called the Seattle Liberation Front, or SLF.  The number seven was just referring to the how many members were involved in the first, un-compromised draft.  I'm not even sure how historically correct that is either because there was another group called the Chicago Seven as well.

Now I know what you're thinking, "SLF?  I thought that meant Special Lady Friend, man."  And yes it does.  And proud we are of all of them.  I'm not really sure why The Dude didn't tell Maude he was involved with the SLF instead of the Seattle Seven.  I'm just going to trust Joel and Ethan on their choice of words here.  Anyways, my point.....We know Jeff Dowd, the man who the character of The Dude is loosely based on, was a member of the group.  I don't know much about the other members, except I saw this headline the other day - Government biologist banned from Canada: Protest arrests of '70s shared via U.S. database, and found it to be interesting.  Turns out the article was about Joe Kelly, one of Dowd's colleagues, who went from being a political protester back in the day to a fish biologist working for the Bureau of Land Management.  He was denied entry into Canada because they scanned his identification and pulled up his arrest record from his early days.  Canada then denied him entry because of it, and that's a bummer man.

"The immigration officer scans my license and I see that he starts taking notes on a little yellow piece of paper," Kelly remembers.

He says he was told to go inside the office.

"After half an hour, another immigration officer comes, very pleasant, and he has this printout of my prior arrest record. He won't show it to me," says Kelly.

"Then he says that under Rule A36(1)(b), any foreign national with an arrest record can be kept out of Canada."

I can totally see why a country would have a rule in place to deny entry to foreigners with a criminal record.  It makes sense.  On the other hand, Joe Kelly doesn't seem to be causing any trouble these days.  Luckily there is a system in place to get paperwork in order and fix the situation.  The article states that Joe is trying to get that completed.  Hopefully that goes well for him.


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  • TIMMAH  - Knowing is half the battle...

    Huh! I always just thought that it was a play on the Chicago 7. I learned something today!

  • Chalupa

    Sounds like one of those "The more you know!" commercials from when we were kids.

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