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Tuesday, 14 July 2009 11:39

So obviously I'm a little late in updating this as it is Tuesday.  A lot happened Saturday.  I ended up taking a wonderful nap and was all set to head over for the bowling festivities.  I pretty much missed most of the Garden Party, but I probably would have been nodding off later in the evening.  If you haven't seen pictures of all the costumes and what have you yet, check out this link (http://lebowskifest.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=6152) for the official Fest photos posted at LebowskiFest.com and the other galleries our fellow Achievers have shared.

I think to start off I must mention some of the costumes.  As always there were a lot of good ones, but these are some of my favorite:

Dragon dressed up as the Chief of Police of Malibu.  We've all been saying it would be perfect and it finally happened.  Dragon detained several people as well as threw his mug at most of the Dude impersonators.  We also interviewed several Achievers who were both surprised and freaked out when Dragon would randomly show up in character in the parking lot or over at the hotel.

Saddam.  Need I say more?  I haven't seen too many dressed up, but this guy has a stellar mustache.

Can you guess what this guy is?  It's a little hard to see from the picture but that's a Starship Enterprise attached to his torso with some lemons.  He's a "natural, zesty enterprise."  Pretty clever.  We talked to him for a bit and it turns out he's the Dean of Students at some school.

And who can forget the Strangers in the Alps?  They were doing some hilarious dancing down at the bowling lanes.  Made me laugh to beat the band.

As the night started winding down, or up depending on how you look at it, they started announcing winners of the different competitions. You have the trivia, the individual and group costume stuff, hardest traveled, etc.  When the costume stuff started Liz and I were pretty close to the stage so we could actually see what was going on.  Things were going well until I started smelling cigarette smoke.  Now this may not seem strange at the Lebowski Fest, but it did seem strange because Louisville is a smoke-free city.  You're not allowed to smoke indoors at public places.  This includes the bowling alley.  So I start looking around and I notice a girl to our immediate left within reach.

Miss Smirnoff was there with her sister and someone else dressed up as a "White Russian."  I asked her to please put her cigarette out because she wasn't allowed to smoke inside.  She tried to play stupid so I re-iterated my point.  She then took a big puff, blew smoke in my general direction and put it behind her back.  As if I didn't know what was going on.

This probably doesn't seem like a big deal, but I have health problems man.  My lungs are fragile, even more fragile than Smokey's emotions.  I had to get out of the vicinity immediately so we gave up our spots at the front and I had to take a seat at a table towards the back of the alley.  By the time I got to the table my arms and legs were already feeling pretty heavy.  My lungs started closing up on me.  I was able to hold out for about 15 minutes until they finished the first round of costume competitions and you could actually make your way to the door.  I was basically out of commission for the next 30 hours or so and we missed the rest of the festivities.

We were glad to hear though that our friend Brad won the trivia competition.  He's been close so many times.  It was great to see him finally take home that first place trophy.

Our friend TQ from LeBlogski thought he had totally bombed Round 2 but actually made out with 3rd place.

Proud we are of all of you.  I snagged a bunch of these pictures from our new friend, Greg the Mayor.  He takes a lot of amazing pictures and he's also the guy with that fisheye lens.  If you missed us at Louisville, we're also planning on attending the Boston Fest in September.  We'll have a few more of those t-shirts we unvelied and hopefully the crowd won't leave their Dudeness at home.  It was pretty disappointing to see how Rob Riggle was treated.

We were able to meet a lot of new Achievers, and meet up with just as many old friends.  It was great recognizing so many people from their Twitter profile pictures.  Sorry if we didn't mention you here in these posts.  It'll probably be a week before we get through all the audio we captured.  We'll post it when it's ready.

The Dude Abides


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