8th Annual L-Fest Friday E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Saturday, 11 July 2009 02:09

So today was the actual first day of the Fest.  I have to say it went pretty smoothly.  We had an extra ticket on hand so I sold it to someone for the modest price of $5.  We will also have an extra ticket tomorrow for the bowling party and I will be needing to get rid of that as well.  Come find me if you're in need.

Our new t-shirts seem to be a big hit.  Dude was wearing one around and everybody was wanting one.  I know Dragon picked one up and Eddie Chung is getting one too.  Oh, funny story.  Phillip (Phil as he introduced himself to me) Moon was here today.  He also made an appearance in L.A.  He's also knows as "the rug pisser."  So Phil did a ceremonial "peeing" (not really) on the rug after the bands played and made a small appearance before the film started.  Dude and I were talking to him in the parking lot and he was almost late for his appearance.  Good thing he was paying attention.  Anyways, after the movie got started Phil started walking back towards the Crowne Plaza and that's when Eddie Chung arrived.  At about the same time Dude and I both said, "What?  Is there only 1 Asian-American allowed at a time?"

Eddie's here to screen his documentary, The Achievers, tomorrow.  It's all about the fan culture of the festivals.  Eddie has promised us a copy to review on the podcast.  Eddie also loved our new t-shirts and mentioned something about maybe getting them put into the gift bags for the VMAs.  I'll have to ask him about it again tomorrow.

So first off the bands played.  They weren't too bad.  Live music is almost always better than no music at all.  I'm not sure if I would enjoy listening to their albums, but they were OK to listen to while mingling with the Achievers.  The big act I was really looking forward to was Rob Riggle.  You might know him from The Daily Show or the blockbuster currently out in theaters called The Hangover.  He's a funny guy.  I did not, however, enjoy his stand-up too much.  By this time Liz was feeling the need to go back to the hotel so I walked back over with Liz and Becky, forget to mention my sister drove up.  I picked up some water and then headed back.  Unfortunately I missed the end of Riggle's act and the slight altercation with a fan afterward.

Apparently this guy in the parking lot had the gumption to inform Riggle he had just wasted 30 minutes of his life and that was the worst stand-up he had ever seen.  Rob tried to tell him he's not really a stand-up comedian but a story teller.  The fan wasn't taking it.  Rob happened to also have a friend along that was obviously a big, bad marine who wasn't taking the tongue lashing too kindly.  The Mayor tried to step in and make sure things were cool and the marine buddy started yelling at The Mayor.  Luckily every calmed down and just took it easy.  That was about the time that I showed up and we talked to Woo for a few minutes.

After the movie started up, The Dude, his gang and I decided to do a little bowling.  The place is going to be packed out tomorrow and it may not be worth trying to actually roll.  We got two, almost three, games in and went out for Spinelli's after the alley closed.  If you listen to the podcast and read this blog regularly, you've probably heard me rant at some point about the food options in New Hampshire.  The pizza is terrible.  Spinelli's was the best pizza I have had since we moved 12 and a half months ago.  It was NY/Philly style in that the slice was so big you have to fold it in half.  Brad likes to roll his up like a pizza burrito.  I might have to try that next time I'm there.

So now it's after 3 AM, I'm sitting here typing away on this blog post and I need to be getting some sleep for a 9 AM interview tomorrow with a professor from the local university.  We're going to talk about a paper he submitted to the Lebowski Symposium a few years ago.  It's actually going to be included in the new book coming out in the fall The Year's Work in Lebowski Studies.  I'll do some more updating tomorrow.

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