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Written by Chalupa   
Wednesday, 10 June 2009 17:23

I'm sure just about everyone can name someone they know who is Dude-like.  Some resemble The Dude with their long hair, bathrobes and facial hair.  There are also those who are Dude-like in their actions.  I think it's even more rare to know someone who looks like The Dude, acts like The Dude, and is Dude-like in the Dudeist sense.

While Dudeism isn't my practiced religion, I've been told it's a central theme of the podcast.  There's a lot to be said about being a "Dude."  It involves things like looking out for your friends and trying to think about others before yourself.  In this crazy world we live in, people taking a little time each day to try and do something beneficial for someone else could really change things.  Everybody always talks about how things could be better; that all starts with you and me personally striving for that goal and hoping others will jump on that bandwagon.

Rod Curry aka "The Dude" has done just that.  Carpenter's Church and the town of Lubbock, TX knew there was no place for the homeless to stay in their town.  After a lot of work and volunteer gathering, they were able to create a solution for that problem.  Turns out if someone is at the church praying, it doesn't matter who else is there.  This is how they were able to circumvent acquiring special permits and whathaveyou to turn the church into a homeless shelter every night.

The help has been great and many have been utilizing the free place to stay.  It doesn't come without expectations though.  It's true what they say about no free lunch existing, but I don't think these stipulations are too harsh.  Participants in the program are required to spend the whole night at the church, they have to meet with the ministry volunteers, and they have to try and save whatever money they can.  Besides providing a safe and warm place to sleep, the church is helping people to find jobs and permanent housing.

While this homeless shelter has its success stories, the sad news is their volunteer base seems to have dropped off during the summer.  I guess people don't think it's a big deal to sleep outside when the temperatures aren't freezing.  Kids out of school and summer vacations are eating up people's priorities as well.  Because of this, Carpenter's Church is having to temporarily put their shelter ministry on hold for a few months.  They do have plans to re-open in the fall though.

I think this is a perfect example of being Dude-like.  Are there any ways you help out in your community?

Original story: Lack of volunteers leads church to take break from sheltering homeless - http://lubbockonline.com/stories/060709/loc_448 328283.shtml

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