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Sunday, 24 May 2009 21:20

I'm sure some of you are graduating from a high school, college or university right about now.  I was lucky enough to attend a smaller university so we didn't have to sit outside for too much of the day for the ceremony.  So what kind of speeches were given?  Did they have somebody famous or special give a commencement address?  At my graduation a famous speaker came.  It wasn't too bad.  His son was in my graduating class and I enjoyed listening to his father's speeches.

Last weekend the students at UMM were graced with the presence of Will Weaver.  What?  You have no idea who he is?  That's ok.  I didn't either.  The important part is that his speech was peppered with Lebowski and other pop culture references.  I don't think I would have minded sitting through that. m/articles/index.cfm?id=17466&section=news

As the annual Lebowski Fest comes closer, you'll notice more and more interviews with Will Russell and Scott Shuffitt.  These guys are the founders of the festivals and good friends of the podcast.  In fact, I have a phone interview that will be part of May's episode coming out next week.  The only bad thing about these interviews is they always contain the same information.  Very rarely do you see an interview with those guys were some unique questions are asked beyond what the fests are, how they came about, and how many people attended the first one.  Well, here's one of those interviews with a few questions other than the regular suspects.
http ://

Oh, and here's the image associated with the interview.  It's worth including because Tom, our Lebowski Fest correspondant, happens to be "one of the Dudes."

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