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Written by Chalupa   
Wednesday, 13 May 2009 18:29

I don't think I've ever found my car with a note left under my windshield wipers.  I've often found it with an extra dent or ding.  Sometimes my unknown assailants have even left me traces of their paint.  Today one of our co-workers told Mike somebody had parked awfully close to his car so we went out to take a look during lunch.  This is what we found.



Can you guess which car is Mike's?  Maybe the note they left would clue you in.



Well by now I'm sure you figured out that Mike drives the green car.  From what we could tell there was no real damage to his Ford.  After taking pictures he moved it back about 6" in hopes of not losing his license plate when the other driver backed out to go home.  If there had been any damage, we might have had to get a crowbar or tire iron and...


Well, what can I say?  That is what happens when you feed a soldier scrambled eggs.  For more pictures and Mike's take on events, check out his post at -

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