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Wednesday, 29 April 2009 11:07

Some of you may recognize the title pertaining to the film O Brother Where Art Thou? it also happened to the be title of Ralph Stanley's autobiography.  Mr. Stanley is a bit of a legend in the world of bluegrass music and was featured on the soundtrack of O Brother Where Art Thou.,80874/

Attempting to be environmentally-conscious and Dude-like, it was great to see the Coen Brothers' commercials on clean coal.  What really is clean coal anyway?  The stuff burns and emits lots of carbon dioxide.  Well, apparently people have been trying to come up with a way to harvest those gasses and reuse them.  Currently there are ZERO clean coal plants or actual blueprints to construct any.  I think the best bet they'd have is to utilize some of that super algae I've been hearing about from several friends.  There have been proposals to grow algae as a bio-fuel next to coal plants.  The algae would process a lot of the carbon dioxide, replace it with oxygen, and we'd also have some very cheap bio-fuel.  Another added bonus is that algae is not currently a vital crop being used as a food source like corn or soybeans.  Anyways, this may be way more than you care to know about, but I'll add a couple links below.

Has anyone seen Russel Crowe in the new film State of Play?  It's been said that he embodies The Dude a little bit with some Elliot Gould thrown in as well.  I can't really comment because I haven't seen it yet.

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