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Thursday, 16 April 2009 14:56

For those of you who are fans of Jenny Lewis, you might be interested to know she auditioned for the role of Bunny.  This would have made four actor/mucisians in the film which begs the question, "Would something bad have happened to her?"

Do you ever feel an itch to go back into to the live acting world?
I haven't been an actor for a very long time—I auditioned for the last Coen Brothers movie, and I read for one of the parts, and that's as close as I've gotten. I tanked on the audition. I was awful. But before I stopped acting, I auditioned for “The Big Lebowski”—the Tara Reid part…

Bunny Lebowski!
Yeah, Bunny! At the time, I remember reading the script and crying with laughter. I still have the script—I saved it. I've seen it more than any other movie. I was so sad when they tore down the bowling alley on Santa Monica Blvd., where they filmed “The Big Lebowski.” What a bummer that they built a school there!

Let's take a look at the facts...

  • Flea was taken down by Walter during the parking lot attack.
  • Jimmie Dale Gilmore was threatened by Walter becuase his toe slipped over the line
  • Aimee Mann lost a toe in hopes of getting a million dollars
  • Peter Stormare had an ear bitten off by Walter
  • Jeff Bridges was repeatedly roughed up by several parties

Do you think the Coens would have worked something into the script to continue the trend with the real life musicians in the film?

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