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Written by Chalupa   
Tuesday, 17 March 2009 06:51

In an age where the cool thing to do is take care of the environment, and I don't think the Dude would argue much there, it's nice to see props also being reused in film.  Den of Geek! has a list of many props and set pieces that have been reused through film and TV.  Way down at the bottom of the list they mention the Dude's car being reused in the popular TV show X-Files.  There were actually two Gran Torinos on set for the filming of The Big Lebowski.  One was totalled by the nihilists.  The second car was used, abused, and also destroyed on an X-Files episode.

Have you heard of Almost an Evening?  It's three short plays by Ethan Coen.  I haven't seen these and I have no idea what they're about.  If they're anything like Gates of Eden then I'm pretty sure it's excellent writing.

Lastly, here's a review of Thunderbolt and Lightfoot.  I've been seeing a lot of Clint Eastwood on AMC lately and I figure it's lately to mention the king of Westerns paired up with the Dude back in the day for a heist film.  The review is a good read and the film is definitely worth checking out.

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