John Milius and 1st Amendment Rights E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Wednesday, 11 March 2009 21:29

I hope you already know that John Milius, a friend of the Coen Brothers, was one of the inspirations for Walter Sobchek.  Even if you've never heard of him, you've probably enjoyed some of his work.  He's a writer and director and has worked on many classics like Dirty Harry, Jaws, Red Dawn, Jeremiah Johnson, Apocalypse Now, Conan the Barbarian, etc.  This guy has created some good lines in his day, besides directing.  You migth remember some Milius references in Episode 15: Lebowski Symposium.

Anyways, Mr. Milius was recently interviewed and talked about how he thinks most scripts these days are garbage.  I kind of agree and disagree at the same time.  While I think a good portion of new films out there can be crap, need I mention the torture porn genre that's gotten big in the past 10 years or Paul Blart: Mall Cop?,  there are also some really good films that have come about.  So even though I kinda agree with him, I'd like to know exactly what we're agreeing on here.

I don't really have much to say except to just quote what I read here.  Awesome real-life application, man.

From: Sheridan, Phil
To: Ford, Bob; Gonzalez, John
Subject: Merchandise censorship

As with most other big issues, we can find the wisdom we need in The Big Lebowski. I refer you to the scene in the family restaurant when Dude says, "Walter, this is not a First Amendment thing, man."

This isn't anything new. I don't think you could ever buy Phillies jerseys with "Blank the Mets" on them from officially licensed MLB suppliers. MLB (or the NFL or NHL or that other league that uses the big orange balls) is under no obligation to sell you products that demean or defame its own teams or players. If you went into the T-Shirt Hut down on the boardwalk and tried to buy a shirt that says "T-Shirt Hut's a Rip-off," I doubt you'd have much success, either.

You're free to make your own shirts with your own comments on them. The First Amendment covers that. It doesn't cover officially licensed, overpriced merch sold by the very people you're trying to ridicule. The Founding Fathers couldn't have foreseen that one.

Lastly, here are some fellow Achievers enjoying themselves Lebowski-style with a recent birthday celebration.  She mentioned enjoying some caucasians and how much alcohol they contain.  I'm no expert here, but I think she may have enjoyed a couple before taking this picture.

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