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Wednesday, 11 March 2009 15:56

On the last leg of the trip back from that conference thing.  I've had sketchy internet here and there and didn't think it would be appropriate to be blogging in the middle of a session, especially when everyone behind you can see your screen.  Luckily on the first stop most of the bus cleared out.  I think every seat was being used.  I'm not that tall, but I have extra wide shoulders so I'm always cramped in these kinds of situations.  My butt doesn't span two seats but shoulders span a seat and a half if I don't squeeze my arms together.

Didn't really see too many interesting things at the conference.  Cloud computing, which I talked briefly with Steven Levy about in the upcoming episode, was probably the only session I went to where I learned something.  I'm always amazed by the people there who get all fired up about something being presented.  It's like they've found nirvana.  Blogging for academics!?!  Wikis as collaborative tools?!?  Podcasts?!?  Have you guys ever heard of a podcast?  Sorry, I'll quit being fatuous.

So for those of you following me on Twitter, you might have noticed my rash of non-Lebowski postings during the past couple days.  Those were mostly conference related.  I think a few conference people started following me.  It'll be interesting to see if they stick around when my tweeting topics go back to the usual stuff.

I'll have some links and whathaveyou to post after I get home and can type more properly and have a real mouse to use.  Oh, Liz just texted to inform me she got denied funding again.  They're a bunch of fascists I tell you.

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