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Monday, 02 March 2009 20:42

It's not often that I post blog reviews of The Big Lebowski, even though I come across them daily.  Usually they're a couple sentences of the author describing the plot in his or her own words.  Other times it looks like they copied some text from wikipedia or some other site to fill their readers in on what the movie is about.  It's not often that I feel I've come across something unique.

Some Guy's Review Blog has a review from December about The Big Lebowski.  Now after you click on the link below, please continue reading.  At first glance you'll think he's trashing the film, but it's just a play on words.

The Big Lebowski is the biggest celebration of stupid losers that I've ever seen. The vast majority of the time, a statement like this is meant to indicate idiocy and crassness on the part of the writers. What makes this movie special and worth watching is the fact that it's possible, in fact, quite easy to look at this movie and not be bothered by the glorification. Sure, they may be stupid losers, but it's not like the director is pretending that they're supposed to be insightful and closer to earth than everyone else.


The Big Lebowski is unique in that it features attacks against fancy intellectual types rather clearly. Nearly every seen involving Maude, the Big Lebowski's daughter. From the perspective of Lebowski, this woman is incredibly strange, using foreign languages and weird jokes, and constantly making bizarre avant-garde art. She comes off to the audience that way, too. But interestingly, this portrayal of her is not forced. Lebowski does not get off any swarmy lines about how she's a crackpot and how he's better than her. He doesn't even think things like that. She's just different is all. It is not like, for example, that her personality is so horrid and evil that he would balk at the propsect of sleeping with her.

Click the link below to read the whole review.  I enjoyed it and I'm sure you will too. 2/on-big-lebowski.html

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