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Written by Chalupa   
Wednesday, 25 February 2009 09:45

I hope all of you serious film fans tuned in for the Oscars on Sunday.  It really turned out to be a great show.  I was really impressed with what Hugh Jackman was able to do as MC.  I enjoyed Jon Stewart and Ellen seemed just OK.  I'd say this awards ceremony was AMAZINGLY better than anything I saw Billy Crystal do.  Maybe he's just a bit too much before my time though.

The Coens did not receive any nominations or win any awards this year, but Richard Jenkins (Ted, manager of Hard Bodies from Burn After Reading) did receive a Best Actor nomination for The Visitor.  I found a couple articles concerning The Oscars that I thought you might enjoy.  First would be from Pajiba - The 10 Most Deserving Oscars of the Last 25 Years.  I'm sure all of you have films you think just should not have been given an award.  A good example would be Shakespeare in Love winning Best Film in 1998.  One thing that immediately stood out to me in the list is three out of the ten are Coen Brother films.  You have Javier Bardem listed as #9, No Country for Old Men at #3, and Fraces McDormand at #2.

The second article is from - Which Oscar Movies Have Pop Culture Staying Power? Here they discuss films that have both won awards, and are actually going to stick around.  Sometimes you watch a film that is just so amazing, yet one or two years later you don't really ever want to watch it again.  Other films just stick around forever and are always good for another viewing.  Which films do you think will stick around from 2008?

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