Snowed in E-mail
Written by Chalupa   
Sunday, 21 December 2008 14:42

We're not completely snowed in, but we're definitely getting snow.  I think somebody put in a favor for a white Christmas.  So what kind of things are there to do in a time like this?  Liz "gets" to go to work cause she is employed at the mall...they're a bunch of facsists there when it comes to weather.  They kind of set the precedent though of when the weather is bad you can come to the mall.  Then there's also the people that show up perpetuating the it's most likely a chicken-egg thing.

I've asked myself what the Dude would do.  I'm not sure he would know what to do living in the sunny land of California.  He would probably call Walter for help on something.  Right now I've been re-watching Battlestar Galactica episodes while waiting to see the next installment of season 4.  I've also been focusing on making tasty snacks to keep my strength up.  Lately I've been making loaded hotdogs.

Other than the takin it easy factor, I think it's important to be a good friend and neighbor in times like these.  Make sure your neighbors are ok.  Help a stranger shovel their driveway.  Hold the door open for people.  Stay alert when you're driving around for those people who forget to look when crossing the street.  I think that's what the Dude would do.  Have any other Dude winter weather tips?  We'd love to hear em.

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