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Written by Chalupa   
Thursday, 17 January 2008 03:09

Fellow friend and achiever, Dan Prall, has recently claimed that Upland, IN (our small corner of the universe) could very well be the center of Lebowskidom.  In an email Dan said,

"...Therefore it would seem that the per-capita Lebowski coolness is higher in Upland than in LA.   [At least 3 there].  Pop. 3803.  One in 1268 is a proven Achiever.  Extrapolate that to LA.   3.8 million.  There would have to be about 3000 Achievers in LA to match that.  Yet many attendees at the last LA Fest were from outside LA, and all the tickets weren't snapped up immediately by locals.  Are we to think that somehow LA people suddenly went altruistic, allowing outsiders to get tickets, against all previous behavior records, or that there weren't enough Achievers in LA?  I'll vote Upland as the Achiever center of the Dudiverse.  Louisville; challenge it if you can."

I can't really argue with that kind of praise, however, I would argue there are way more than just 3 achievers in this tiny college town.  I would like to think that some of them would back up this statement by maybe commenting with our new and shiny commenting system.

Dan has also posted on the Lebowski Fest Forums if you're interested in voicing your opinion there. 

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