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Written by Chalupa   
Thursday, 27 December 2007 05:32
We were kinda here/not here for the past week.  Liz and I were in Florida celebrating the holiday and weren't around to check up on the site as usual.

We're back now though and are looking forward to our episode next month with the founding festival dudes.  If you have any burning questions you'd like to ask, send them our way and we'll throw them into our question pool.

If you did much traveling via airplane like we did, hopefully you didn't run into some of the whack-jobs we did.  On our last flight some guy approached an Indian (from India) family and started talking at them in terrible spanish.  He was assuming they were Mexican because they weren't white.  The family had been talking in Hindi for a while and apparently if it aint English, it's Spanish.  Besides being annoyed this guy was leaning way over and using my head as an arm-rest, I wanted to respond with - Dude, el Sr. no está de México, Panama, España o otro pais dónde hablan español.  But before I got a chance to respond in spanish to the guy that used it but couldn't speak it, the Indian man said, "Uh, I'm from India."  The "American" man then profusely congratulated him on being able to speak English and welcomed him to the country.  Then he followed up asking the man if he was a doctor.  Racism upon racism.  Very un-Dude.  This was a flight from Ohio to Indiana.  I'm guessing that family lived in Indianapolis.  At least he was cool enough to be polite to the self-appointed ambassador.

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